Is there a Santa? Does he drink Coca-Cola?

Tis the night before Christmas and we are surrounded by images that kindle deep feelings, but of what? We barely know, the reaction to the image happens so quickly. As angels don’t need wings, the images that represent the vast majesty and mystery of the Winter Solstice; the emergence of something completely new, the birth of the Christ, not some mythic image in the sky, rather our highest capacities, embodied and touching others, are often hidden by the surface icon. So often we react mechanically to the image and miss this spirit that animates.


Winter Solstice

Standing Naked In The Mystery

I return each winter when the moon is full
and the stars shine bright in the black sky.

I return to a quiet place that has been
in the heart and soul of humanity – forever
when the heavens stand still for just a moment
in this quiet place I’m sure we all feel.


Can you feel my heart sing?


This is only the beginning (corrected)

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The inner is the outer. Our collective psyche, what we call our social ego, projects itself outside as culture which loops back and shapes our personal psyche. What we call consciousness is a house of mirrors. We think we are in control only to find out that what we think has, to a disturbing degree, been implanted. Then, along comes radio, television, computers and the internet flooding our inner-world like Katerina flooded New Orleans. As Jerry Mander noted way back in 1978, in his Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, many of the problems with television are inherent in the medium and technology itself, thus cannot be reformed, for the common good that is. They can and are being used and manipulated by the very few and powerful to control the rest, meaning you and me.


How are our children going to learn this?

A Dozen Things No Election Will Change

model imperative

High Risk, All Grown Up - Commentary

male vulnerability
sexual violence

Of Course the Predators Ate Him

Fight-Flight is a fear-startle reflex emerging deep in the sensory motor brain, the so called ancient ‘reptilian’ brain. The pursuit of egotistic gratification turned predator, sexual or otherwise, is not fight-flight, rather, patterns of violence embedded early in the formation of the ego or social-emotional self-image, what we generally refer to as ego.

sexual violence
male vulnerability

High Risk And All Grown Up

As the media-dust stirred from alleged sexual abuse of young women by the newly appointed justice to the Supreme Court fell, blanketing the land with its gray shock-and-awe numbness, a mother wrote: predator abuse, sexual and misogyny in general, of women, children and, I declare, the environment, is rooted in the way we model and condition our children, more specifically young boys. Quite right. She then prescribed a few well intended interventions –mostly in vain.

The Ghost of Common Sense

I stand with Mort. This is not hyperbole.


Anti-Trump protest in San Francisco. (photo: Andy Uhler/NPR)


Anti-Trump protest in San Francisco. (photo: Andy Uhler/NPR)

The Ghost of Common Sense

By Mort Rosenblum, Reader Supported News
10 October 18

Common sense will tell us, that the power which hath endeavoured to subdue us, is of all others, the most improper to defend us.”
– Thomas Paine

Interview The Intelligence of Play w Michael Mendizza

A reminder October 20-22 A great interview on The Intelligence of Play.

With Michael Mendizza

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