The End of Democracy


"What I’m Describing is Military Rule. The inversion of democracy."

How the science of censorship, developed by the Intelligence Community and the Pentagon designed to infiltrate and control elections in foreign nations, was flipped, targeting United States citizens, you and me. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has a censorship lawsuit pending in the US Supreme Court, challenging this covert system.

“The whole push… was to completely invert everything that we described as being the underpinnings of a democratic society in order to deal with the threat of free speech on the internet. And what they (the Intelligence Community and the Pentagon) essentially said is, “we need to redefine democracy from being about the will of the voters to being about the sanctity of (so called) democratic institutions - and who are the democratic institutions? Oh, it's the military, it's NATO, it's the IMF and the World Bank. It's mainstream media, it is the NGOs, and of course these NGOs are largely state department funded or IC funded. It's essentially all of the elite establishments that were under threat from the rise of domestic populism that declared their own consensus to be the new definition of democracy.”

A Terrible Truth


‘A Terrible Truth’: COVID Response Was About Profits and Power

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In an interview with Tucker Carlson, biologist Bret Weinstein, Ph.D., explains how the COVID-19 response was never about public health, even if that was the rhetorical cover. It was about profits and power, a terrible truth that the public is going to be dealing with for many years to come. Experts estimate that the deaths attributed to the mRNA injection and highly aggressive mandated treatments at 17 million globally.

“Pharma is healthy when people are sick. Many people have noticed that Big Pharma depends on ill health. It has a perverse incentive… But what I think most of us did not realize is how elaborate its bag of tricks is and what the nature of that bag of tricks is.”

By Jeffrey A. Tucker

Jeffery A. Tucker is the founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, an organization that values the Enlightenment which elevated learning, science, progress, and universal rights to the forefront of public life. This Enlightenment is constantly threatened by ideologies and systems that would take the world back to before the triumph of the ideal of freedom.

Broken and the challenges we face

As a young filmmaker, I sat across the table with J. Krishnamurti. He leaned closer and asked; “Sir, do you think this film you are making on my life will make any difference?” After a salient pause, I replied, “I don’t know, but I think we should try.” I feel the same way today, and I know many others feel the same. Let’s connect a few dots.

A perfect business model

Invent a predator to justify the need to invent and mandate the cure.

So simple. A perfect business model.

9/11 Remember With Clear Eyes

Dear Activists, Researchers, and Friends,

Madhava Setty is one of my favorite Covid and Covid vaccine researchers.  He has also been savvy to the 9/11 false flag. He is an excellent writer and gets his facts straight on both issues.
Note that at the end of this article, he has a link to his original article from September 11, 2019.


Fran Shure

It is astonishing what they will do and how gullible the public is.




There is one intelligence, the self-organizing force that is the cosmos, that is nature, that is life. To appreciate how AI or Artificial Intelligence is not intelligence, ask a computer to create a chicken, starting with the protective shell, plus a yolk, the nutrient-bearing portion of the egg, and some clear goop, the nutritive and protective gelatinous substance surrounding the yolk. Chickens perform this miracle every day, all over the world without a word. Ask AI to create a chicken. No chicken – no intelligence, just mechanics. Machines that learn are still machines. In the absence of the sacred, living intelligence, learning machines, like thinking humans blind to their true nature, are dangerous.


Orwell 2019+

It was a dream, drifting like Alice, lazy and stupid, but I wasn’t dreaming. George, reeking of cigarettes, sat on the bench beside me. Hands shaking, he offered a cigarette. Declining, he shook his head. “I told you. I told all of you, but you didn’t listen, couldn’t listen. Too busy petting your precious little tellies? Nothing has changed,” he said. “Yesterday is today. More cunning, more clever.” Leaning closer he slowly blew smoke. “Past is prolog,” he whispered. George then disappeared, but his voice continued…

Becoming Conscious

Exiting the World Health Organization (WHO) and the unelected, one-world government it represents now attempting to undermine sovereign nations and individual rights forever, is just the beginning. You can do this.