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Writer, Filmmaker

She Knew She Was Worth More…


Parenting, Playful Advice

she knew

Strolling to the office, a plaque rested in a merchant’s window.

She Knew She Was Worth More Than Babies…

Worth more than babies? What could possibly be worth more, be a higher calling, the greatest and life changing challenge anyone, man or woman will face than caring, nurturing, uplifting, inspiring, encouraging the greater good of evolution’s billion year creative effort, the human being?

Look at what we have become by denigrating this most precious calling, even more self-centered, un-empathic, isolated from our nature, assaulting that nature at every turn, confused, greedy, dogmatic, painfully serious, joyless, more and more mechanical, until today the entire planet trembles. This is what being worth more than babies has wrought.

Our entire life is a constant process of unfolding discovery – of our true and miraculous nature, what we are, body, feeling, imagination and far more what most have ever dreamed. The key to this expanding miracle is trust, empathy, passionate play – the state of wonder and inquiry – and we discover more about this by nurturing every child than we will ever learn being conditioned in government mandated schools, staring at a computer, commuting to a job, or paying taxes to an ever more corrupt state.

There is a direct, reciprocal dynamic between who we are and the society we spawn. The more we devalue the life serving and affirming role of caring for and mentoring the next generation, the more retarded and corrupt each individual and the society becomes.

Once the devolution process begins each generation grows less and less sensitive, less aware, less innately intelligent and therefore, has less capacity to see, discover and experience what has been lost. As a species we are mentored by mediocre rather than the upward and expansive spiral of growth and capacity nature planned for. Being worth more than babies is a desperate cry for false self-esteem in a culture gone mad.

But there is a way out, becoming once again full of wonder and play – wisely, which is your special and unique gift – and sharing this with the kid standing in line at the market next to you.

Michael Mendizza