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The inner is the outer. Our collective psyche, what we call our social ego, projects itself outside as culture which loops back and shapes our personal psyche. What we call consciousness is a house of mirrors. We think we are in control only to find out that what we think has, to a disturbing degree, been implanted. Then, along comes radio, television, computers and the internet flooding our inner-world like Katerina flooded New Orleans. As Jerry Mander noted way back in 1978, in his Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, many of the problems with television are inherent in the medium and technology itself, thus cannot be reformed, for the common good that is. They can and are being used and manipulated by the very few and powerful to control the rest, meaning you and me.



Kidnap: to steal a child, to seize and hold or carry off a person against that person’s will by force or fraud (Webster’s dictionary definition)

Trump’s Zero Tolerance Border Policy. Let’s call it what it is, a kidnapping of thousands. Our government, like the definition, has stolen by force or fraud, children, even babies. They simply took them away from their parent or parents.  They have traumatized thousands of youngsters creating long-term harm. The younger they are the more lasting the trauma.

Those who planned, organized, carried out and continue it are criminals. They should be charged and punished. There were no Amber Alerts, neighborhood searches, radio, TV alerts asking people to join in finding the stolen child. Often these children were taken away in the dead of night.  Why unless they knew what they were conducting was wrong. Simply that – a crime.  What if the baby or child stolen was yours or your grandchild, or a friend’s? Would you turn away, or even worse, condone it making excuses. This criminal act is a stain on our nation, and on us.   It betrays our national humanitarian values.

Detention camps for children? For babies?! For God’s sake America, wake up! Is this what we are becoming? Child abusers? Kidnappers?


Like a Bruegel Painting

I wonder what good it will do to repeat decades of research on mother-infant separation when current research is systematically shredded, manipulated, twisted, repressed, bought, fabricated, intentionally confused, in a world where confusing has become the preferred policy. After all, political propaganda is a powerful form of control. My favorite is the report that Building 7 had collapsed on 9/11 twenty-minutes before the building collapsed. The first irony is that Building 7 could be seen behind the BBC reporter describing its collapse. The greater irony is that no one seemed to care who wrote the script? Cut. On to the next media event.

Strategically separating children from parents to achieve a political goal is planned, intentional torture of innocent children. A 2017 US Government Report describes the widespread use of separating families as a matter of policy, pre Trump. Since 2005, as a matter of procedure and policy, border agents routinely separate children and families intentionally, as punishment or consequences, through what the DHS, (the Department of Homeland Security) call its Consequence Delivery System. These consequences are meant to deter future migration, often regardless of international protection or other humanitarian concerns. Who cares? A few thousand kids? They call it collateral damage, often a small price to pay to achieve a political goal. (I often wonder, for those who wrote the script, were the lives lost on 9/11 collateral damage?)


But then it was too late

“What mattered most was that Donald Trump has contempt for any standards of conduct. (Indeed, he reportedly has taken offense at the accusations against Moore, [Roy Moore for U.S. Senate in Alabama] which remind him of his own treatment.) And no Republican who wishes to stay in office can afford to offend the president, who commands overwhelming support among the party base.”

Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine:


At The Crossroads

Walking with Carly to the park today, I realized that my anxiety had disappeared. The warm sun was bouncing off the freshly watered leaves after five years of drought in California. Emerald green grass rolled over the hills. My forehead, which usually is furled with cascading thoughts and imagined images was soft, still and expansive. I could almost hear Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World. A deep feeling of sanity returned. Later I mused:

My Sanity-Survival Handbook

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