The Flag is Still Waving, Barely


Happy Fourth of July, bombs bursting in air, the war torn flag still waving, barely.

Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.

Abraham Lincoln
November 21, 1864
Letter to Col. William F. Elkins


BPA Impairs Social Relations


James W. Prescott, PhD sent news that research documents that BPA, an endocrine disrupter, impairs social relations until the fourth generation. The reproductive damage of BPA has been well documented. See Peat Myers interview below. The social consequences of endocrine disruption are new. The importance of this finding and its impact on the socialization of humanity is staggering.

We all know that the environment controls and regulates gene expression even damages gene structure and function. Some 80,000 chemicals dumped into our environment most of them toxic. BPA is just one, and alone represents 7 billion pounds annually.

prenatal learning

A Completely New Way


If there is a single force that generates inequality, violence and war throughout the world, and therefore this day of memorial, I vote for the self-image we create gazing up for assurance and approval as infants. At this early stage of development what emerges from that glance is not a fixed image, rather feelings of acceptance, of care, welcoming, understanding, empathy, encouragement or their opposites; rejection, anger, frustration, neglect and the various forms of abuse.

Over time the repetition of these feelings coalesce, merge, form predictable patterns and these in turn create the scaffolding upon which our social identity is formed. Belonging means survival. Rejection could mean death. So we began to judge our worth and value based on the emotional reactions we experience in the mirror of relationship.

self image

Media Sanity Tool Kit

media sanity

A friend sent along a few political cartoons. More propaganda, I mused. A few days laterI came across a Bill Moyers interview with Marty Kaplan, director of USC's Norman Lear Center and an entertainment industry veteran.The Moyers interview vindicated, point by point, my rant below responding to the many ways propaganda continues to influence all our lives.

I replied…

moyers link

Transcending Self-Image-Culture

bonding and culture

We all know that nurturing cooperative, creative, egalitarian individuals and societies is essential. The key that establishes this is turned very early. Research physiologist James Prescott, surgeon-epidemiologist researcher Michel Odent, author Joseph Chilton Pearce and clinical psychologist and researcher David Chamberlain have been saying and writing for 50 years that the deep, living, “primal” channel of communication we call “bonding” or “attachment” sets the biological template for either peaceful, expansive personal and cultural development or for fear-based, defensive, selfish, aggressive or passive personal and collective stagnation.

The nature and quality of the mother-infant bond, or lack of it, physiologically shapes the primal wiring that determines our interpretation of personal and collective relationships. And it does so for a lifetime, resulting in children, adults and cultures that are fundamentally calm, cooperative, creative and peaceful, are able to form and sustain meaningful relationships, or not. 

When full bonding fails or is damaged, which can begin before conception, not only individuals but families and entire cultures can become anxious or depressed, addicted – whether to substances, activities or greed, chronically ill and/or unhappy, self-abusive or violent. Interfering with the intimate continuum of this process is a crime against children and the natural world.

We must again learn to uphold and respect human bonding as a critical life sustaining ecological process and priority.

The greatest obstacle to meeting this challenge is not the biological imperative and intelligence to care for and protect our children; rather it is socialization and cultural beliefs that impair or prevent full bonding from unfolding. Millions of years of innate intelligence are in conflict with cultural conditioning and the root of this conflict is embodied in our social identity, our self-image.