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Infertility When Bad is Good



Gee, Look What I Found in the Cornflakes

Or How to Profit from Genocide
Written in 2012, Updated in 2022

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The recent film, “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda,” impelled me to repeat observations I shared in 2012, in my article, “When Bad Is Good.” The film exposes and explores perhaps the most politically sensitive agenda of all, intentionally planned mass infertility, which is in effect, the deliberate depopulation of humanity. Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda, reveals the strategic genocide of future generations and who is manipulating this life-and-death agenda.

We begin with a simple question; is the link between impaired fertility, vaccines, genetically modified food, and herbicides, a coincidence?

Crossing the street, a bright 20-something gal said,” We should have a test to be sure young people are qualified to have kids.”  “What if they don’t pass the test,” I asked? ”Well . . . they shouldn’t be allowed to have children.” “That’s what Hitler thought and it led to the Holocaust. In his mind a good thing.”  “No way,” she said.

Caring for children is a tremendous responsibility. Abuse and neglect are rampant, causing permanent physical, emotional, and social damage, and none of this is the child’s fault. It seems like a good idea to limit the population to those who are qualified. But who is to decide? Who is going to determine the test? Who among us is smart enough to decide which couples are approved and which don’t make the cut? What skin color will we approve? Which language? Which belief systems; national, political, and religious beliefs? Some people view same-sex relationships as a crime. We can get rid of them, no problem, right? And so it goes.

The drive to dictate who shouldn’t be allowed to have children, i.e., mandatory birth control and sterilization, and who should be allowed to populate the planet, i.e., population management, are two sides of the same agenda, often fueled by misguided justifications similar to Hitler’s and my friend.

The values, assumptions, and actions of the general public, you and I, for example, are far removed from individuals that form the elite, global business conglomerates, with controlling interests in nearly every facet of everyday life. These include but are not limited to the international banking cartel, The Bilderberg Group, The World Economic Forum and Davos, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the military-industrial complex or the governments their money controls. Within these and other related entities, individuals rise to an unimaginable level of affluence and influence. Predicting and controlling the future of the planet, rather than one’s personal destiny, captures center stage. What is bad for most people is good for elite control.

See The Bilderberg Group:

See The World Economic Forum and Davos;

The first to open my eyes to the completely different world views of the so-called elites and the commons, “When Bad Is Good,” was John Taylor Gatto. John was voted Teacher of the Year in New York City and State in 1990 and is the author of Dumbing US Down, Weapons of Mass Education, and other works.

John described; that what we see happening today is the continuation of the past, with technology and weaponized biology pushing the envelope. During the long 18th century (1685-1815), as part of a movement referred to as the Age of Reason, or the Enlightenment, thinkers in Britain, France, and throughout Europe questioned traditional authority and embraced the notion that “humanity could be improved” through rational change. Rational change implied large-scale behavior modification through a system of indoctrination, conditioning, and control. Compulsory government schooling and purifying race genetics, or eugenics are prime examples. We connect the dots that John describes to the current expression, Technocracy, and the Great Reset, with their “hidden agendas.”

M: The true purpose of compulsory government schooling is conditioning, conformity, rows of chairs, routine, bells. Jerry Mander, author of. The Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, uses the phrase, ”form is content.” The form of public schooling is its content.

J: Jerry is one of my heroes.

M: His insights, in my view, have never been equaled.

J: Television and compulsory schooling do the same thing but do it differently.

M: Marshall McLuhan said the true content of the television experience is the relationship we have to the box, not what is flickering on the screen. This notion that the form of the system, the structure, is that system’s primary content, is your underlying thesis. You are not talking about math, reading, or history. You’re talking about the structure being the real content–not learned–but deeply conditioned. Form is content. We’re learning how to conform and part of this conditioning is to not question the structure.

J: The architects of institutional schooling were completely conscious of this. I’ve encountered some intriguing passages that state openly that habit and attitude training is imposed by the structure. This is what mass schooling is really all about. The first goal is to make people predictable so the economy can be rationalized. The very first purpose or goal of institutional schooling is to make people predictable.

Darwin was a big influence, but it’s not the Darwin that is sold in school textbooks. It’s not the fellow curious about nature. It’s a fellow absolutely certain that animal trainers and plant breeders had discovered the operational truth of human life. And that they have supplied, I’m citing from Darwin’s, Descent of Man, which is about twelve years after, Origins of Species and made a much bigger impact, than the overwhelming majority of human biology is fatally corrupted. It cannot be improved by cross-breeding because it’s so far gone. And if we cross-breed the mass with the evolutionarily advanced this will drag everyone back into the swamp.

That book probably has caused more damage than any other piece of writing in human history. It was immediately adopted by the managerial classes of the planet. You had to find ways to lock up the evolutionarily retarded, to waste their time and set them against one another. And whatever you did, you kept them away from the good stuff! There was no evil intended–quite the reverse. They were taking human improvement into their own hands.

Let’s start five centuries ago with John Calvin, who seemed to be the most influential theologian of the last 1,500 years. Calvin said clearly that the damned are many times larger in number than the saved. The ratio is about twenty to one. There are too many damned to overwhelm with force. So, you have to cloud their minds and set them into meaningless competitions with one another in ways that will eat up that energy.

Jump from Calvin to a thoroughly secular philosopher in Amsterdam, Benedict Spinoza. His book, Tractate Religico Politicu, published in 1670, had a huge influence on the leadership classes of Europe, the United States, and Asia. In it, he said it was nonsense to think people were damned or evil because there was no supernatural world. He also said there’s an enormous disproportion between permanently irrational people who are absolutely dangerous and the people who have good sense [the self-appointed elite managers]. The ratio is about twenty to one. Spinoza actually says that an institutional school system should be set up as a ”civil religion.” It’s a term you find common in early colonial writing because everyone read Spinoza. He said we need a civil religion for two reasons. One, to eliminate official religion, which he says is completely irrational and dangerous. And two, to bind up the energies of these irrational twenty-to-one and destroy their imagination.

In effect, Calvin and Spinoza said the same thing, but Spinoza said it directly. We have to destroy the imagination because it’s only through the imagination that the maximum damage is unleashed. Otherwise, people can struggle against the chains, maybe even cause local damage, but they can’t do much harm to the fundamental structure because they can’t think outside of the box.

Jump from Spinoza, in 1670, to Johann Fichte, in Northern Germany, from 1807-1809, where the very first successful institutional schooling in the history of the planet, was established. Fichte called for a national system of training that would make it impossible for underlings to imagine any other way to do things. A decade later, Prussia had the first institutional form of mass schooling on the planet.

In 1820, Darwin said that people are biologically fixed in classes, and there is nothing you can do about it. Every one of these people said, in a sense, that what we call education isn’t even possible. What we call’ education is romantic nonsense.

Jump back to Germany at the University of Leipzig, in the 1870s, 1880s, and1890s, and we find the most important psychologist who ever lived. Bill Helm Voight emerged as the Father of Behavioral Psychology, Scientific Psychology. People from all over the world, including from the United States, came as disciples to study under Voight.

In addition to what Voight was teaching, a significant motivation for the multitude of students was that three little states in Northern Germany; Prussia, Saxony, and Hanover, are the only place in the world where something called a Ph.D. Degree existed. Americans by the thousands came to Germany to get a Ph.D. Degree. Literally, every college presidency of any significance in the United States, with the single exception of Cornell, was awarded a Prussian Ph.D. Every department head had a Prussian Ph.D. If not, you were marginalized. So, this tiny military state in Northern Germany finds a way to seed the planet with its mandate that we must have a national system of training that makes it impossible for underlings to imagine any other way of doing things, other than the way they’re told.

Darwin said we were insane to try to invest people with inferior IQs in positions of responsibility. We are not talking about a fringe intellectual position. This was the dominant plan for how to run a society in the early 19th century. Once you know this – you view both the form and content of public education very differently.

This is the leadership point of view. It’s come from the great intellectuals of human history, an unbroken stream of them. All the romantic stuff is for the middle class, lower-middle-class. It’s the stuff for boobs.

John Taylor Gatto

“Nothing personal. Just good business”
Vito Corleone

Catherine Austin Fitts paraphrased Gatto’s history lesson by saying; “There are farmers, and there are cows and pigs.” The ultimate role farmers is to keep livestock in their pens. Who wants a cow walking in the living room? Racism, eugenics, social class, compulsory schooling, much of organized religion, etc., fall under this model. Now, imagine that you are a farmer. You see the care and destiny of the planet as your responsibility, and you have the power, money and influence to do something about it. In other words, you are a Bill Gates or leader in the World Economic Forum, or similar networks of self-appointed global managers. What would you do?

Shaping the destiny of the planet involves predicting and controlling global food supplies, Monsanto comes to mind, healthcare, currency, education, water, the military and, of course, population. But the most challenging is population.

There is a long-held belief that human population is out of control, causing massive ecological destruction, changing the atmosphere, and must be reduced – a good thing – or so the story goes. Some call this a myth, like recycling.

See http://overpopulationisamyth.com/

William McDonough, an architect and globally recognized leader in sustainable development and design, observed years ago that recycling was just a clever way to perpetuate bad design. The myth of recycling plastic keeps the industry going.

Depopulation implies eliminating large numbers of people; Some say fifty to ninety percent. But preventing the birth of new generations is a bad thing if you are not on the approved list.

Depopulation is the most politically incorrect mission possible, unspeakable at the levels deemed necessary to save the planet. Any depopulation strategy must, therefore, be covert, hidden, carried out by pretending to be something else. The plan and its implementation must be covert, slow, unfolding over several generations, masked from direct cause and effect relationships and therefore blame, hidden from social awareness and resistance, immune to political consequence. Stealth biology is the key.

With the publication of Henry Kissinger’s classified National Security Study Memorandum, NSSM 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth, For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, in December of 1974, The World Health Organization, UN and US Government agreed on the need for massive population reduction and Kissinger had the plan: Create Conditions for Fertility Decline, and Research to Improve Fertility Control Technology. This was and continues to be official government and UN policy.

This was followed by, “The Global 2000 Report to the President,” to President Carter.

Here it must be emphasized that, unlike most of the Global 2000 study projections, the population projections assume extensive policy changes and developments to reduce fertility rates.

Think about it. You are responsible for the destiny of the planet. You are convinced that human population is out of control. You must implement steps to dramatically reduce future births and do so quietly, without arousing suspicion. What would you do? Redirect the post-Cold War bio-warfare industry to target civilians?

The World Health Organization has been working on infertility vaccines for decades. It is well known that the fertilized egg is recognized as a foreign body by the immune system. Nature produces a hormone, hCG, that prevents the immune system from attacking the egg as it attaches to the uterine wall. As the film, Infertility; a Diabolical Agenda, describes, that hormone is easily neutralized by combining beta hCG with tetanus toxoid, used in the common tetanus vaccine. Together they create anti-hCG antibodies. Squalene, another vaccine adjuvant, has a similar affect. Squalene: Be Very Afraid, Part I and II

“There is squalene in H1N1 vaccines licensed in Europe, but not yet in the U.S. That is not to say the vaccine manufacturers will not try to get the adjuvants inserted into vaccines in the future.” Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the NVIC

“Squalene adjuvants are a key ingredient in a whole new generation of vaccines intended for mass immunization around the globe. Squalene is a kind of trigger for the real biological weapon: the immune system. “When the immune system’s full repertoire of cells and antibodies starts attacking the tissues they are supposed to protect, the results can be catastrophic,” writes Gary Matsumoto. His assessment is seconded by Dr. Pam Asa, “Oil adjuvants are the most insidious chemical weapon ever devised.”

Gary Matsumoto, Vaccine A-
The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing our Soldiers and Why GI’s are Only the First Victims

“Also, consider Monsanto’s terminator seeds. Genetic modification prevents seeds from reproducing. We know insects that eat genetically modified crops such as butterflies and bees, for example, have reproductive issues. Genetically modified foods present risk challenges to human reproduction, as well.”

“Research on population control, and preventing future births, is now being carried out secretly by biotech companies. In 2010, Dr. Ignacio Chapela, a University of California microbiologist, discovered that wild corn in remote parts of Mexico is contaminated with lab-altered DNA. Chapela revealed that a spermicidal corn developed by a U.S. company is now being tested in Mexico. Males who unknowingly eat the corn produce non-viable sperm and are unable to reproduce . . . There are political and commercial interests that do not want the public to know this.”

In the interview below, Chapela described how spermicide could easily end up in your cornflakes.

“A study published in the Journal of Toxicology in Vitro has found that, even at very low levels, Monsanto’s herbicide formula Roundup destroys testosterone and ultimately leads to male infertility. The findings add to the more than 25 other diseases known to be linked to Roundup, which includes DNA damage, birth defects, liver dysfunction, and cancer.

For their study, Emilie Clair and her colleagues from the Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie Institute of Biology, in France, tested the effects of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, on testicular cells from rats. Ranging in dilution from one part per million (ppm) to 10,000 ppm, which accounts for varying exposure levels in real-life situations, each of the tests revealed undeniable cell toxicity caused by Roundup.

The findings revealed that even at one ppm, Roundup was responsible for causing severe endocrine disruption that reduced testosterone levels by 35 percent. A one ppm exposure level is considered to be extremely low, and much lower than typical exposure levels in everyday environmental situations.

At higher exposure levels, Roundup was shown to induce testicular cell death in as little as one hour, and typically no later than 48 hours after exposure. And this is only acute toxicity. The study did not analyze the long-term effects of continual and repeated exposure to Roundup, which has already been shown to seep into rivers and groundwater supplies.

A study published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology, in 2007, found similar results. Tests with Roundup revealed that the ducks exposed to Roundup exhibited “alterations in the structure of the testis and epididymal (a part of the male reproductive system) region, as well as in the serum levels of testosterone and estradiol, with changes in the expression of androgen receptors restricted to the testes.”

“Contrary to claims made by Monsanto, there is truly no safe exposure level to Roundup. At typical exposure levels, it has been proven to destroy human cells and cause serious reproductive harm. At trace levels, it has been proven to severely disrupt proper hormonal function and lead to low testosterone in men.”


Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine recently reported there has been a shocking increase in glyphosate exposure in recent decades and, subsequently, the level found in human urine. The researchers measured excretion levels of glyphosate and its metabolite aminomethylphosphonic acid in 100 participants from the Rancho Bernardo Study of Healthy Aging, which ran for twenty-three years, starting in 1993, the year before genetically engineered (GE) crops were introduced in the U.S.

“As one would expect, the introduction of Roundup Ready GE crops led to a massive increase in the use of Roundup, the active ingredient of which is glyphosate. Glyphosate has also become a popular tool for desiccating non-GE grains, legumes and beans.”

“Glyphosate entered the U.S. market in 1974, just over two decades before GE crops were introduced. Data reveals that between 1974 and 2014, glyphosate use in the U.S. increased more than 250-fold. Globally, glyphosate use rose nearly fifteenfold since 1996, two years after the first GE crops hit the market.”

“At the start of the study, very few of the participants had detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine, but by 2016, 70 percent of them did. Overall, the prevalence of human exposure to glyphosate increased by 500 percent during the study period, 1993 to 2016, while actual levels of the chemical in people’s bodies increased by an astounding 1,208 percent.” (Mercola)

It seems inconceivable that our government and its agencies sworn to protect American citizens would secretly turn biological weapons against us. But, they do and have been for decades. Stealth biology is the key and stealth means we are intentionally misinformed, deceived, and distracted. Remember, this essay was originally published in 2012. Look at what we are experiencing in 2022.

See Bill Moyers and Marti Kaplan the end of journalism.

“Big money and big media have coupled to create a ”Disney World” of democracy in which TV shows, televised debates, and even news coverage are being dumbed down, just as the volume is being turned up. The result is a public certainly more entertained, but less informed and personally involved than they should be, says Marty Kaplan, director of USC’s Norman Lear Center and an entertainment industry veteran. Bill Moyers talks with Kaplan about how taking news out of the journalism box and placing it in the entertainment box is hurting democracy and allowing special interest groups to manipulate the system.”

Edward L. Bernays coined the term, “engineering of consent,” back in the 1920s to describe the how and why this is done.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct, or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons… who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Apparently, Kissinger’s 1974 plan to Create Conditions for Fertility Decline and Research to Improve Fertility Control Technology continues behind the scenes.


The visionary, J. Krishnamurti observed: “We think the problem is out there, in the world. The problem is really inward, and we are unwilling to face this.” The chaos, waste, human suffering, ecological collapse, and political, moral-ethical decay “out there,” in the world we have created, is a failure of development, not resources or capacity.

When a pickpocket, politician, or investment banker sees a saint, all he or she sees are private equity and stealth genocide as a solution. The same is true for the arrogant, self-appointed farmer-managers of the human race, brought up in the imagination-eating machine that John Taylor Gotto described above.

Century by century we have bread cultures of narcissistic, Nero’s, rather than Marcus Aurelius, one of the most respected emperors in Roman history, causing the world to become more and more like the aggressive machines we use. From such a crippled self-worldview, the merging of life with the machine appears utopian.

Colorblind, the dazzling shades of purple, midnight blue, and flaming orange at sunset appear as dull shades of grey. The same is true of the vast and unlimited potentials of mind and heart that are now being colorblind by existing knowledge and intellectual hubris. Indeed, we reap what we sew, with each new generation not missing what they have lost.

Empower and support every woman to nurture her children and their play-garden communities, create learning environments that open and develop relationship sensitivity and organic capacities like kind touch, empathy, entangled ecological sensitivity, happiness, hope, creativity, resourcefulness and optimism. Very little of these will you find in compulsory schooling curriculums or in many homes filled with flickering screens. Upon this foundation of organic support build keen intellects, develop cooperative and equitable economic models that reward cooperation and entanglement with all life, instead of selfish-aggressive predators. This failure of personal human and societal development is what Krishnamurti meant when he said, “ . . . the problem is really inward, and we are unwilling to face this.”

In 1983, Ashley Montagu, author of fifty or more books on being human, described the creeping machinelike behavior of human beings as Dehumanization, which is the high priest at the altar of Technocracy, Transhumanism, and the Great Reset. R. W. Emerson, wrote, “Machinery is aggressive . . . “The weaver becomes the web, the machinist a machine.”

“Biographer Ernest Samuels writes of Henry Adams (1838-1918) an American historian and a descendent of two U.S. Presidents; “In a time of alienation and deepening crisis, Adams saw the American Dream turning into a walking nightmare of the moral dilemmas of a capitalist society. He understood that science was making tremendous advances in the conquest of Nature, winning every battle in that age-old conquest, as the odds were growing, however, that a dehumanized mankind might lose the battle.”

Writing thirty years ago, Montagu continues:

“The victory of the mechanical equation over the organic principle was only the start of the modern process of dehumanization.”

“The mechanization of life could be complete only with the mechanization of man – that is, with his total and willing absorption into the system as a functioning unit.”

“The last refuge of the secret self, the deepest hidden recesses of spontaneity and freedom, must be infiltrated, subjugated, and recycled into conformity within the technological society. Man, in effect, had to be emptied out of essential humanity – in order to be restocked with artificial needs and scientifically conditioned reflexes. The dehumanization of man initiated from without, would be finally accomplished from within, by a voluntary act of compliance and conversion.”

“Notoriously maladaptive, pathological, compulsively conformist, in behavior, hence intolerant of ambiguity and suspicious towards deviance, thus exhibiting diminished capacity for genuine feeling . . .  and filled with substitute gratification; in one case “fun,” and the other “violence.”

“Fed by the “graphic revolution,” we become as others see us… We are the heirs and creatures of the videographic revolution. It has transformed both our outlook on the world and our insight into ourselves. Not only are we surrounded, distracted, bombarded, and massaged by audio-visual images, we are infatuated with them, addicted to them, and seduced by them.”

“The tyranny of the image has begun to undermine our relation to reality, deplete our conception of ourselves, and convert our conduct of life into a succession of improvised and insincere theatrical turns on the stage of the “Imagic Theater.” [Think Metaverse.]

“What is less well recognized is that it is not only our acknowledgment of our outer reality–the existence of the phenomenal world–that is confused and undermined by the triumph of the image and the conversion of life into theater, it is also our hold on inner reality, our apprehension of the self and with it the capacity to take responsibility for our actions.”

As John Taylor Gotto, echoing Aldus Huxley, described, TV and ’digital’ do the same thing as compulsory schooling, but do it differently; both render the human population increasingly incapable of imagining any other alternative.

Michael Mendizza