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Everything You Think About Schooling Is Wrong – Epilogue



John Taylor Gatto Interview – Epilogue
One of the most disturbing issues raised by John Taylor Gatto’s interview is the point that breaking the family bond has been a hidden agenda of compulsory government schooling from its inception. Slowly erode the adult-child relationship and the allegiance of children naturally drifts from the family to the authority of ‘the system.’ Do this long enough and the next generation has no idea what a deep and meaningful parent-child relationship looks like.

John makes the startling point that schooling and television do the same thing but achieve this in different ways. The many corporations that exploit children via television and marketing help de-parent our culture by intentionally marginalizing the role of parents in their messages to children. See ‘Corporate Exploitation of America’s Children’ by Ralph Nader, https://ttfuture.org/interviews/ralph-nader/

A conspiracy? Not really. Breaking the family bond is just good business. Another example:

Alex Jones interviewed Aaron Russo (an entertainment businessman, filmmaker, and political activist) about his friendship with Nicholas Rockefeller. Russo explains what Rockefeller claims to be the essential and true vindications of Women’s Liberation. You can see part of this interview mid-way in the clip below.

(Nicholas Rockefeller) What do you think women’s Liberation was about? (Aaron Russo) I had pretty conventional thinking at that point and I said – women having the right to work, get equal pay with men, just like they won the right to vote. And he started to laugh. And he said: ‘you are an idiot.’ And I said, ‘why am I an idiot?’

He said, ‘let me tell you what that was about. We the Rockefellers funded that. We funded women’s lib. We were the ones that got all the coverage in the newspapers and television – The Rockefeller Foundation. And you want to know why? There were two primary reasons.

One reason was – we couldn’t tax half of the population before women’s lib.
And the second reason was – now we get the kids in school at an early age. We can indoctrinate the kids how to think – by breaking up the family. The kids start looking at the state as the family, at the school, the officials as their family, not the parents, who were teaching them.

Those were the two primary reasons for women’s lib which I thought, up to that point, was a noble thing.

John Taylor Gatto’s research and books are full of similar revelations.

I began my interview with John:

M: The bell rings in a Pavlovian way and we take our children that we dearly love and we put them on this conveyor belt for twelve or more years and don’t ask any of the basic questions you raise.  Why is it so hard for most of us who have been so deeply conditioned by this system to see that the king has no clothes?

We have been and are deeply conditioned and one of the hidden aspects of this conditioning is that we don’t see that we are reacting reflexively. It takes tremendous energy and attention to see our conditioned reflexes.

Referring back to similarities between television and compulsory schooling – just consider the fast pace and daily routine. Who has the time or attention to look behind the scenes? We are too distracted, kept busy trying to keep up with all the nonsense.

One thing that many don’t realize is that there are many alternatives to compulsory government schooling.

Consider and visit:
The Alternative Education Resource Organization

AERO’s mission is to help create an education revolution to make student-centered alternatives available to everyone. AERO is considered by many to be the primary hub of communications and support for educational alternatives around the world. Education Alternatives include, but are not limited to, Montessori, Waldorf (Steiner), Public Choice and At-Risk, Democratic, Homeschool, Open, Charter, Free, Sudbury, Holistic, Virtual, Magnet, Early Childhood, Reggio Emilia, Indigo, Krishnamurti, Quaker, Libertarian, Independent, Progressive, Community, Cooperative, and Unschooling. One of AERO’s areas of expertise is democratic process and democratic education, but equally important is the networking of all forms of educational alternatives. It is through our work and mission that we hope to create an education revolution.

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