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Declining Fertility and Depopulation



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When Bad is Good or Look What I Found in the Cornflakes

An astounding new study in the British medical journal Human Reproduction this week has revealed that French sperm counts plunged by a third between 1989 and 2005, 32.2 percent or about 1.9 percent annually. The findings of one of the largest sperm quality probes ever. Might there be a link between impaired fertility and Genetically Modified Food and mandatory vaccinations?

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Crossing the street, talking to a bright 20 something about kids and population, she said, ‘We should have a test to be sure young people are qualified to have kids.’ ‘What if they don’t pass the test,’ I mused? ‘Well… they shouldn’t be allowed to have children.’ That’s what Hitler thought. It leads to the Holocaust. In his mind a good thing. ‘No way,’ she said.

Caring for children is a tremendous responsibility. Abuse is rampant causing permanent physical, emotional and social damage and none of this is the child’s fault. It feels like a good idea to limit population to those who are qualified. But who’s to decide? Who is going to write the test? Which one of us is smart enough to decide which species are approved of and which don’t make the cut? What skin color will we approve? Which language? Which belief system, national, political or religious beliefs? Some view same sex – sex a crime. We can get rid of them, no problem. And so it goes.

Who shouldn’t be allowed to have children (birth control) and who should be allowed to populate the planet (population control) are two sides of the same coin and often fueled by the same well intended logic as my young friend and Hitler.

Rise to a level of affluence and influence and predicting and controlling the future of the planet, rather than one’s personal destiny, sneaks center stage. See: The Bilderberg Group

Shaping the destiny of the planet involves predicting and controlling global food supplies, Monsanto comes to mind, healthcare, currency, education, water, the military and, of course, population. The most challenging is population.There is a long held belief, myth really, that human population is out of control and causing massive ecological destruction, changing the atmosphere, and must be reduced – a good thing – or so the story goes.

Depopulation implies eliminating large numbers of people; some say 50% to 90%. But preventing the birth of new generations is – a bad thing – if you and your family are not on the list.

Depopulation is the most politically-incorrect mission possible, unspeakable at the levels deemed necessary to save the planet. Any depopulation strategy must therefore, be covert, hidden, carried out by pretending to be something else. The plan and its implementation must be covert, slow, unfolding over several generations, masked from direct cause and effect relationships and therefore blame, hidden from social awareness and resistance, immune to political consequence. Stealth biology is the key.

With the publication in December 1974 of then Kissinger’s classified National Security Study Memorandum, NSSM 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth, For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests – the World Health Organization, UN and US Government agreed on the need for massive population reduction and Kissinger had a the plan: Create Conditions for Fertility Decline, and Research to Improve Fertility Control Technology. This was followed by the Carter Report 2000

Think about it. You are responsible for the destiny of the planet. You are convinced that human population is out of control. You must implement steps to dramatically reduce future births and do so quietly, without arousing suspicion. What would you do?

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