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Corporate Exploitation of Gender



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Compassionate Human Rights or Technopoly Exploitation?

In 2018 the UK reported a 4,400% rise in teenage girls seeking gender treatment.

More than 40% of transgenders attempt suicide with a higher portion resulting after reassignment surgery.

As of 2019, there were over 25,000 adverse reports including 1500 deaths on Lupron products for puberty blockers, endometriosis, and prostate cancer.

“I thought it was about inclusion and tolerance.”
“I thought these rainbows were nice. I did not see the dark side of this.”
“I have to do something crazy that will make me feel happy.”
“This is the sweeping nature of gender ideology that is taking over our entire society”

Cut – Daughters of the West Documentary


In 1996, Nickelodeon asked children which they trusted more – their parents or their computers. The majority of children said their computers. Corporations obliged, enveloping them tighter and tighter in the corporate commercial culture. Like today, home alone, or on their own, stripped of their innocence and trusting the hucksters who accost them — these are the children most vulnerable to corporate influence and control, and the virtual-media-mind manipulators know it.

In 1997 a researcher for Ralph Nader called. She attended an Infomercial marketing conference for children’s programmers and producers. One seminar featured two psychologists. Enamored with the child development insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce, his survey of how the basic needs have been neglected and deprived, the seminar instructed marketers on how to target these vulnerabilities to capture and insure greater addictive profits. Pearce wept when he heard the sadistic twist of his life’s works.

In his report Nader warned; “A struggle different than any before in world history is intensifying between corporations and parents. It is a struggle over the minds, bodies, time, and space of millions of children and the kind of world they are growing up in.” That was 26 years ago. Eliminate the source of alternative perceptions. Flood the environment with powerful messages which promote and validate corporate-consumer values. Transform the internet into a global, data-harvesting infomercial and sell it to everyone for untold billions of dollars. Take infants and children away from mothers and fathers so they can continue to feed the machine. Growth is imperative. Form is content. The weaver becomes the web.

In 2011 law professor and Rhodes Scholar, Joel Bakan wrote “Childhood Under Siege, How Big Business Targets Children,” bringing Nadar’s prophesy up to date. Corporate exploitation of children continues to spawn at the speed of technology, targeting their most sensitive vulnerabilities.

Gender as Identity

Three close families are challenged by “Trans Issues,” teens and young adults struggling with gender identity, mirroring a much larger personal crisis. Admittedly this theme is a hornet’s nest of conflicting challenges. Having planned a documentary to explore the broader context of “identity,” meaning the nature and formation of our social ego or persona, identity has been a central interest for decades. While the identity challenge is timeless, the gender spin is unprecedented. Why now? Why so wide and so fast?

Identity, far from expressing our authentic nature, which includes brain, body and vast hormonal differences between men and women, might best be viewed as an adaptive coping pattern. A constellation of behaviors evolved to navigate and defend against the limitations and constraints imposed by culture. Broadly, Joseph Chilton Pearce described this as a Bio-Cultural Conflict.

Our social identity, be it a shiny coat of armor (G.I. Joe) or sexy ball gown (Barbie), is a costume. A mask that predefines how we relate and compare to the general social order. To miss this fundamental truth, that our social identity is a masquerade, a costume, implies a consuming delusion that many never awaken from or transcend.

Central to this coping pattern view is an assumption that something authentic lives behind our social mask. The actor performing on stage (society), is not that character (social identity) being represented. There is something authentic, often corrupted or lost by identifying with the role. This deeper authenticity is a constellation of forces, feelings, and needs, that are not an independent entity.

Being conditioned to perform, defend, to earn acceptance, follow the rules, compete in the social marathon from birth to death, demands near constant attention to ‘what will they think of me.’ This coping pattern is reified as an identity before we learn to speak. This image assumes a false, yet concrete reality. We mistake the defense pattern for our authentic nature, so much so, that most never experience what authentic feels or looks like. The Hero’s Journey can be seen as an allegory for setting aside this coping pattern and discovering what we really are, not as an image.

Implicit is the simple fact that our social identity is a social construct, devised by culture to limit and control our behavior, including parenting, schooling, organized religions, corporate marketing, and all other social hierarchies or pecking orders. Each demanding vast quantities of attention as the gender crisis, or promotion, reveals.

One-in-three girls seriously consider suicide. This is the dead canary in our cultural coal mine. Childhood suicide is the litmus test for a viable society and we are failing, miserably. Society, culture, parenting, empty schooling, screens, fear porn, a vacuum of place, purpose, and meaning beyond TikTok, addictive social media, and toxic pop culture, that is the crisis, not that our young people are confused, alone, grasping for anything that is real and worth living and fighting for. Give them meaning and purpose, something their innate adolescent idealism can stand for, and watch the gender issue fade away. Well, almost.

From this perspective today’s gender crisis is not fundamentally different from Zoot Suits in the 1930s, piercing, tattoos, gang colors, or other social allegiances, a dramatic counter-culture statement, a rebellious cause worth identifying with, even when changing costumes actually means very little. A different social identity is still a costume. Lots of drama but no fundamental change. The stage is still a stage. What heals is identifying with that essence hiding behind the mask. Sure, this is what many believe. Personally, I question that assumption.

Identification with the social image is essential, if culture is to prevail. Without complete identification and implicit conformity with the image, our ego or social identity, culture and its social structures can’t touch or control us psychologically. The implicit punishments of comparison, shame, and embarrassment disappear as controlling strategies.

Ironically, this state of psychological freedom from ‘what will they think of me,’ and the image this chronic anxiety reincarnates, is the state of Flow, what athletes call The Zone, and children call Play, the optimum learning relationship nature designed. No longer comparing or defending, a state of complete attention arises, entrained presence that meets each challenge fresh, totally, with undreamed of possibilities. Transcending our social-cultural, and yes gender-identity is the goal. Not deepening the politically correct tar-baby of trans-confusion.

Paraphrasing Shakespeare, “What’s in an identity? That which we call a rose by any other identity would smell as sweet.” To ‘know thy self,’ implies taking off the costume, including gender. No longer needing to rebel, our social costume ceases to be an identity.

Upon this, let’s explore just a few related issues.

Biology – It’s in The Water

Glyphosate and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), causing profound dysregulation of reproductive hormones, especially in males, compounding for decades.

A study published in the Journal of Toxicology in Vitro found that, at very low levels, Monsanto’s herbicide formula Roundup destroys testosterone and ultimately leads to male infertility. The findings add to the more than 25 other diseases known to be linked to Roundup, which includes DNA damage, birth defects, liver dysfunction, and cancer.

For their study, Emilie Clair and her colleagues from the Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie Institute of Biology in France tested the effects of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, on testicular cells from rats. Ranging in dilution from one part per million (ppm) to 10,000 ppm, which accounts for varying exposure levels in real-life situations, each of the tests revealed undeniable cell toxicity caused by Roundup.

The findings revealed that even at one ppm, Roundup was responsible for causing severe endocrine disruption that reduced testosterone levels by 35 percent. One ppm exposure level was considered to be extremely low, and much lower than typical exposure levels in everyday environmental situations.

At higher exposure levels, Roundup was shown to induce testicular cell death in as little as one hour, and typically no later than 48 hours after exposure. And this is only acute toxicity, as the study did not analyze the long-term effects of continual and repeated exposure to Roundup, which has already been shown to seep into rivers and groundwater supplies.

A study published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology back in 2007 found similar results. In vivo tests with Roundup revealed that the ducks exposed to Roundup exhibited “alterations in the structure of the testis and epididymal (a part of the male reproductive system) region as well as in the serum levels of testosterone and estradiol, with changes in the expression of androgen receptors restricted to the testis.”

There is truly no safe exposure level to Roundup. At typical exposure levels, it has been proven to destroy human cells and cause serious reproductive harm. And at trace levels, it has been proven to severely disrupt proper hormonal function and lead to low testosterone in men.


The average person eats about 5 grams of plastic per week, about the amount found in one credit card.

Phthalates: chemicals that soften plastic, Hormone Emulators

Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) is linked to growth, neurological and learning disabilities, obesity, diabetes, male and female reproductive dysfunction, birth defects, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. They are found almost everywhere in food packaging, non-organic food, nonstick cookware, detergents, cosmetics, lotions, products with fragrance, antibacterial soaps, medicines, toys, fabrics, carpets, furniture, construction materials treated with flame retardants, pesticides, and more. Plastic molecules mimic estrogen which dramatically impacts fetal development, especially in boys.

It turns out, the basic function of hormones is to control the turning on and turning off of genes. Genes are active throughout our lives. They’re crucial in guiding development. They have to be turned on or turned off at the right time so the right proteins are present at the right time. If this trigger is not there, or another is at the wrong time, you may not have the right number of fingers. Your brain may wind up being wired inappropriately.

Genes are not these passive little things that we just inherit from our parents. They’re a symphony throughout our lives. A symphony needs a conductor and hormones are the conductors. We’ve discovered that some contaminants, at extremely low levels (one part per billion) are capable of interfering with the signals that are turning genes on and off. They do that by mimicking hormones or by blocking hormones… It’s devastating if the gene that’s needed at that precise moment doesn’t fire in the development of an organism.

One frog story is about what scientists call “intersex” or “hermapherdism” in frogs where you have frogs that have mixed gonads, where they’ve got both testes and ovaries. It’s not normal in people, it’s not normal in frogs. That is clearly due, at least in the cases that have been well studied, to exposure to pesticides that are turning on a gene that speeds the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

You have both immediate effects and you have long-term effects. Take the effect of Bisphenol A on prostate development…. A prostate study showed that early exposures to very low levels of Bisphenol A can alter the sensitivity of the reproductive system throughout life by changing the receptor density, the number of receptors that are there to receive that signal, and then cause a change in DNA expression.

Early exposures can take place at multiple places along the developmental pathway. A lot happens in the womb. Some can happen around birth. There are other things that happen around puberty. These are key transitional stages in life where sensitivity appears to be enhanced. Those are the times we worry most about, the interference of signaling disruptors with biological processes.

The most pertinent research involves exposure in the womb to a suite of chemicals called phthalates. From animal experiments, we know definitively that phthalates act to demasculinize and defeminize males exposed in the womb. There’s no question about that. We know the overt effects on structure. We have multiple cases documenting effects on behavior. Very clear. We know some of the genetic signaling mechanisms that have been altered by exposure to these compounds which are called anti-andergynes.

The Centers for Disease Control issued a series of studies over the last five years (now twenty years ago). Many people are exposed to levels of phthalate that are high enough for concern. We are exposed.

The best study to date has been done by an Epidemiologist, Reproductive Epidemiologist named Dr. Shawna Swan. Dr. Swan, working with Toxicologists, developed an index of feminization of the reproductive tract looked at babies living in Missouri and Iowa, and measured them. This index, feminization of the reproductive tract, also measured how much phthalates were in the mom’s urine during pregnancy. Swan then looked at the association between feminization and phthalate levels. She found an extraordinarily strong relationship.

Boys born to moms with high levels of phthalates in their blood and urine were much more likely to have a feminized reproductive tract. She then did a rather striking calculation. Based on data from the CDC, how many women in the United States have phthalate levels to X? 25% of women in the United States today (fifteen years ago) have phthalate levels within the range we would expect some degree of feminization in the male reproductive tract.

Psychological, Social, and Corporate-Political Forces

No denying that our young people are confused, alienated, needing something important to stand for. Adolescence is always such a time. Corporations and savvy leaders exploit this vulnerability. Chairman Mao, the Chinese communist founder of the People’s Republic of China, mobilized groups of devoted young people, “Red Guards” to carry out his new program. Perhaps the Fourth Industrial Revolution is exploiting the same today?

That said, take a magnifying glass and poke around. Can you find your ego or social identity? No. The term ‘gender’ is equally illusive and includes social, psychological, cultural and behavioral aspects of being a man, a woman, or other. Depending on the context, this may include sex-based social structures and expression. That’s pretty sharp and clear isn’t it (not)? So are the various arguments and conflicts swirling around this challenge, for our children and our social systems, the gathering storm is ripe for exploitation.

Recall our opening questions: Why now? Why so wide and so fast? Pervasive gender-bending chemicals (meaning corporate interest and money), in our water, food, clothing, carpets, almost everywhere, with tons more being added every day, are a part of this story rarely touched, and clearly fanning this fire. To this, we must add ideology, social justice, equal rights, personal beliefs, corporate interests, and much more. Shake and stir.

From the book “TRANS, When Ideology Meets Biology,” recommended by Pete Myers (above), when I asked him about the connection between exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and the growing Trans Challenge.

Gender identity ideology is about more than Twitter storms and using the right pronouns. In just ten years, laws, company policies, school and university curricula, sports, medical protocols, and the media have been reshaped to privilege self-declared gender identity over biological sex. People are being shamed and silenced for attempting to understand the consequences of redefining ‘man’ and ‘woman’. While compassion for transgender lives is well-intentioned, it is stifling much-needed inquiry into the significance of our bodies.

Exploring “When Ideology Meets Biology” is a good place to begin. Please consider reading the book. One of the best explorations of the social and political forces at play.

Another angle, however, is the need to build psychological and legal bridges to Transhumanism. If you alter your DNA, as the mRNA injections imply, are you still human? Who owns your patent? If you ingest a microchip that alters your biology, are you a Cyborg? It wearable AI interfaces later reality, which reality is real? Are you a robot or a human? A compelling case for the; why now and why so wide and so fast questions, swirl around the Techno-Transhumanism need to destroy classic definitions of what it means to be human. Promoting gender-bending identity may be just the ticket. Note the dates; 2017. The following blog by Jennifer Bilek, explores this theme much better than I.

The Gender Identity Industry, Transhumanism, and Posthumanism


My name is Jennifer Bilek. I am an artist, a journalist, and a concerned citizen. I have been on the left side of politics all my life, until now, where I find myself in a political wilderness, with no political home. Beyond that, labels are no longer serving me. I hope you enjoy this blog. I hope it inspires you to resist.

Drawing together analysis on gender identity and post-humanism ideology.

The massive rearranging of Western societies at warp speed, purportedly to address a human rights issue for a minuscule part of the population with identity issues, is the height of absurdity. That so many people have bought this ridiculous narrative and swallowed it whole as if they’d been living on a desert island and happened upon the first potential food source in a week, is a fantastic thing to behold.

People who understand the oppressive structure of corporate capitalism, who’ve been fighting its colonizing ravages at myriad fronts for the past two generations, are turning a blind eye to world governments, multi-national corporations, Big Banks, Big Tech, and Big Pharma investments in the narrative of “wrong heads in wrong bodies” and the idea that men can be women. Likewise, no one is asking why they are investing in changing our language and our laws, disappearing women’s rights, supporting the drugging and mutilation of children, and why the largest international law firm in the world is invested in the legal construction of “transgender children.”

It does not fit that all our human rights organizations, our institutions, our medical establishments, universities, and legal bodies are also simultaneously being engineered to this concept of gender identity and the tiny population of people who have identity issues focused on their sexed bodies, because they care. To think so, while we stand on a planet laid to waste because of corporate greed and malfeasance, is simply insane.

To believe such absurdities, we might as well be living inside a cult, much like Scientology, except global in scale.

Martine Rothblatt, a transsexual-transhumanist planted the seeds to foster a legal construct of disembodiment as identity, forged out of his paraphilia of owning female biology for himself, in the 1980s. The advancement of his ideology which seeks to deconstruct sexual dimorphism in an effort to cultivate the social and legal groundwork for melding humanity with AI, is too big a leap for many people to make. “Gender Identity” is a bridge to get you there. Transhumanism sounds like some sort of futuristic, dystopian sci-fi novel that could never actually materialize.

Yet what people don’t see is what Martine Rothblatt and the other elite corporatists colonizing human sex for profit do see – the advancements in technology and a totalitarian market that are rapidly moving us toward this melding. Most people do not see the technological advancements governing the reproductive capacities of women or the colonization process underway toward that end. They do not see the correlations between transgenderism and transhumanism, which are vast and overlap but are largely playing out in the different categories of human rights and scientific developments. Those different categories are only superficial, a political mask for social engineering purposes.

Scientists have created a Frog-robot from living skin and heart stem cells of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis, a robot that mimics in many ways the frog it was molded from. The machines are tiny creatures, less than a millimeter (0.04 inches) wide, and can walk and swim, survive for weeks without food, and work together in groups. They, however, can’t evolve or recreate – yet. What’s unique about these creatures is that they can heal by themselves when wounded.

Advancements in neuro prosthetic artificial limbs for humans have already melded humans with AI.

Bionic limbs can now go beyond being governed by the human mind. Sensors placed on the amputated limb can now send muscle signals to the bionic arm which the AI in the mechanical arm then learns from, replicating human movement. The amputated limb melded to the new technology can afford a sense of touch to the person whose limb has been removed.

At the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s avant-garde research arm, the Biological Technologies Office (BTO), which opened in April 2014, aims to support extremely ambitious technologies ranging from powered exoskeletons for soldiers to brain implants that can control mental disorders. DARPA’s program managers at the BTO are free to pour tens of millions of dollars into ambitious projects without waiting around for niceties such as peer review. These developments are being studied at the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Rothblatt has been a speaker at John Hopkins, the first hospital in the United States to perform surgeries for men who pretend to be female. His talks centered on digital immortality. He has also been involved in the human genome project and invented satellite radio. Rothblatt is a member of The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, funded by DARPA.

Lynn Conway, an 83-year-old man, who has posed as a woman since 1968, after marriage to a woman and fathering two children, is widely known for the Mead & Conway revolution in very large scale integrated (VLSI) microchip design. He was recruited by IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York in 1964, and was soon selected to join the architecture team designing an advanced supercomputer.

After learning of the pioneering research of Harry Benjamin in treating men who sexually desired female biology for their own and realizing that surgeries to hide one’s sex were suddenly possible, Conway sought Benjamin’s help and became his patient.

In the early 1980s, Conway left Xerox to join DARPA, where he was a key architect of the Defense Department‘s Strategic Computing Initiative, a research program studying high-performance computing, autonomous systems technology, and intelligent weapons technology. He retired from active teaching and research in 1998, as professor emerita at the University of Michigan – just one of many universities funded by the Pritzker family who have vast investments in both the medical industrial complex and the gender identity industry. Conway has lectured, along with Rothblatt at the University of Victoria British Columbia, Chair in Transgender Studies conferences, Moving Trans History Forward. The Trans Chair position was made possible with funding by Jennifer Pritzker, another man seeking to own female biology as his own. Conway, along with Rothblatt, has received an Honorary Doctorate from the University.

Conway, Like Rothblatt and Pritzker, are fierce advocates for LGBTQI. In 2009, Conway was named one of the “Stonewall 40 trans heroes” on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots by the International Court System, one of the oldest and largest predominantly gay organizations in the world, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Petra de Sutter is another man pretending to be a woman, at the forefront of driving the technological colonization of female reproductive capacities, the gender identity industry, and the CRISPR technology poised to change the human race. He is a Belgian gynaecologist and politician representing the Groen party who has been a Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo since 2020. He has also worked as professor of gynaecology at Ghent University, head of the Department of Reproductive Medicine at Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent). He is the first transgender minister in Europe. In addition to his role in the Senate, De Sutter served as member of the Belgian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from 2014 until 2019. He served as the Assembly’s rapporteur on children’s rights in relation to surrogacy arrangements (2016) and on the use of new genetic technologies in human beings (2017). In 2018, De Sutter discussed gene editing, transhumanism and the future of technological reproduction – sans women – in a TEDTalk.

Tim Gill, founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer of Quark, Inc. a software corporation left his company in 2000 to create one of the largest LGBT NGOs in the US, pouring half a billion dollars into rearranging society to his cause, more recently gender identity ideology. He now operates a technologically sophisticated home-automation, AI company, for a luxury market.

We must understand the corporatism and social engineering at the root of the gender identity industry if we are to have any success in resisting the move toward transhumanism and post-humanism. For the former, efforts are well underway, while society is being blindsided thinking they are supporting a human rights movement, when in fact, the ground is being cultivated for normalizing body dissociation by unmooring us from our roots in sex.

Posthumanism, is the end game of our species. If we do not turn this bullet train around now, we will enter an engineered evolution beyond what is human.


I write at the intersection of humanity, technology, and runaway capitalism. At this intersection stands transgenderism, what I believe is a glamorous ad campaign generated by elites, invested in tech and pharma, to normalize the changing of human biology. I believe this because I have researched the money behind the rapidly growing juggernaut of transgenderism in American culture and beyond, and it all leads back to the pharmaceutical and tech giants that now interface with LGBT NGOs which are driving the normalization of a biology-denying ideology. This ideology has taken the bullet train of post-modernism to the juncture we are at now. The LGB civil rights movement has been subsumed by elites who have added the T to normalize the overriding of our sexed reality as humans, staging a political coup of mammoth proportion.

“Gender” is an obfuscation. It is the deconstruction of our humanity in its sexed roots that is at issue.

Once we open the door to accepting vast changes to human biology, that undermine the very definition of what it means to be human as a sexually dimorphic species, we have opened up a Pandora’s box for melding humans with technology and AI. Transgenderism is, as the famous self- identifying-transgendered, transhumanist, Martine Rothblatt posits, “the onramp to the transcendence of fleshism.” Rothblatt states, “people who refuse to be labeled as male or female are the pioneers of seeing humanity as not being limited by any particular substrate, such as flesh. There is a queer line of development from transgender to transhuman.”

We have reached the 11th hour. We need to decide if we will let go of our humanity in exchange for an elusive, illusive idea of a techno-utopia where we won’t die and we can cure, have, and be everything we desire with technology – or, will we cleave to what is left of our humanity as technophilic elites invested in pharma, tech, AI, gene splicing, organ transplants, and genetic modifications that take us well beyond the realm of human, fight to extract it from us through the process of capital-driven colonization.

It’s possible we have lost the battle for our species’ future survival already, by the colonization of every part of the natural world, through runaway capitalism. As Roger Hallam has stated, in “Common Sense for the 21st Century,” ”Ice melts when the temperature rises. Crops die in a drought. Trees burn in forest fires. Because these things are real, we can also be certain about what the future holds. We are now heading into a period of extreme ecological collapse. Whether or not this leads to the extinction of the human species largely depends upon whether revolutionary changes happen within our societies in the next decade. This is not a matter of ideology, but of simple math and physics.”

Will we stand with biological reality or give way to the techno elites, wedded to the power of profit at the expense of all life, who are guiding us over a cliff like the Pied Piper in the children’s story of the same name? My great hope, in this 11th hour, is that our humanity has not yet been lost to us.

Jennifer Bilek

Futurist Ray Kurzweil Discusses His Female Alter Ego Ramona on C-SPAN

Joe Allen talks about how transhumanism encourages transgenderism. In a video at the start of this session, Martine Rothblatt talks about changing your gender like you change your haircut. Allen talks about how transgenderism and transhumanism go hand in hand as scientists become bioengineers who essentially want to play God.


Exploiting Transgenders

By Corey Lynn Four-part investigation PDF

Why are transgender people being glamorized, the idea of switching genders pushed upon children, and it’s all prohibited from being discussed or debated? The remaking of a population by creating mass confusion and chaos while dishing out puberty blockers as though it’s the next best Botox treatment has avalanched into dangerous territory.

Faster than one could daringly speak the incorrect pronoun, gender clinics are popping up across this country, surgeons are sharpening their scalpels, and money is pouring into this agenda. With the suicide rate of transgenders being nineteen times greater than the general population and a large percentage of transitioned transgenders wishing they hadn’t done so, one wonders how this destructive agenda got its kickstart and who’s really benefiting from it. Certainly not those dealing with gender dysphoria. Don’t miss this. CoreysDigs.com 2019

A new documentary; CUT Daughters of the West

CUT explores how the introduction of gender theory in popular culture, and its amplification via smartphones, and social media has created an unprecedented number of pre-teen girls in mental health crisis. The film investigates the history of cosmetic surgery, teenage mental health, and modern media trends that reveal part of a larger warped legacy being handed to young girls, leading up to the explosive popularity of gender ideology.

By following plastic surgery’s progression into the birth of cosmetic surgery, CUT investigates the moral and cultural precursors that have enabled transgenderism in girls to thrive. CUT explores the influence of pornography, the feminist icons promoting cosmetic surgery and cultural sexual liberation movements, resulting in the normalization of permanent alterations to female bodies based on defined social trends and self-diagnosis.