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As a young filmmaker, I sat across the table with J. Krishnamurti. He leaned closer and asked; “Sir, do you think this film you are making on my life will make any difference?” After a salient pause, I replied, “I don’t know, but I think we should try.” I feel the same way today, and I know many others feel the same. Let’s connect a few dots.

The United States is an Oligarchy…
“Unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nomination for Presidency or being elected President. The same thing applies to Governors, US Senators, and Congress members. We have seen a complete subversion of the political system as a payoff to contributors who want and expect some form of favors for themselves after the election is over… Congress, Democrats and Republicans look upon this unlimited amount of money as a great benefit to themselves.”

President Jimmy Carter, Jul 28, 2015

The U.S. Government has been run as a criminal enterprise.
“I have documented and proved that on multiple occasions. The swamp that exists in Washington is from sea to shining sea.”

Catherine Austin Fitts
Fitts, a Wharton graduate, investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, has written widely on large-scale government financial fraud and, in particular, exposing $21 trillion missing money that remains unaccounted for by our nation.

US and Israeli intelligence agencies partnering with organized crime.
Whitney Webb published “One Nation Under Blackmail,” v.1/2, a damning indictment of the century-old relationship between both US and Israeli intelligence agencies and the organized criminal network. Her book explores how the marriage between intelligence and organized crime directly developed the sexual blackmail tactics and networks that enabled the pedophile and sex trafficker crimes of Jeffrey Epstein.

This idea that the Democrats are about democracy is exactly backward.
“Obama served the same people as George Bush and Cheney. Served the same people that Bill and Hillary Clinton. The same people that Ronald Regan and George Bush the first did. And now that Joe Biden and Antony Blinken do. They serve the same billionaire class, military-industrial complex, World Economic Forum, the Bilderbergs, the same handful of billionaires that run everything.”

Jimmy Door with Whitney Webb.

View at https://vimeo.com/899128085

The COVID Fraud.
Safe and effective… Both words are fraudulent in the case of the COVID-19 modified-mRNA “vaccine” products. The genetic therapy technology-based SARS-CoV-2/COVID “vaccines” are not safe, and they do not even come close to meeting their efficacy endpoint as defined by their licensed indications. They are neither safe nor effective based on their labeled indication. They are impure and adulterated.

The US FDA, CDC, and DoD have all illegally conspired and colluded to advance and obtain regulatory authorization to market (and mandate) these ineffective and adulterated products. These organizations, specific individuals within these organizations, their subcontractors and colluding organizations involved in marketing these products (corporate media, etc.) must be held legally accountable for this racketeering.

Robert W. Malone MD, MS

17 million people were killed by the vaccines and other aggressive treatments.
“I’m going to talk about all-cause mortality. I’m not concerned about what caused the death. We’re just going to count deaths. Governments have been lying. They should know better. Governments have been saying we have to protect the elderly by isolating them and preventing them from being infected. We proved, using standard epidemiological models with all the possible parameters, that the opposite is true… From this work, we find that 17 million people were killed by the vaccines (and other aggressive treatments) on the planet. (Not the alleged virus.) That’s our number. “

Denis Rancourt, PhD
A former tenured Full Professor (University of Ottawa), having written over 100 peer-reviewed-journal articles in technical areas of science and technology. It is important to view the graphs that support the narrative. Scroll to Day One Presentation 20. Denis Rancourt. (https://www.internationalcovidsummit.com/(link is external)

Russel Blaylock, MD, began his December 2023 newsletter: COVID-19 Vaccine Problems Are Adding Up.
“Recently the officials in charge of the disaster that is our government’s COVID-19 response implemented a program to add the COVID vaccine to the childhood vaccination schedule. Next to having pregnant women injected, this is probably the most preposterous idea anyone has come up with.

It has been noted that during the absurd lockdown when parents couldn’t take their children for routine vaccinations, childhood mortality rates fell 30 percent. This is not an accident of data mixing. It has been demonstrated by the study Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and I conducted using information from the largest pediatric practice in Oregon.

It has also been shown that by the third injection of a COVID-19 vaccine, a person’s immunity is virtually destroyed. At that point, they basically have vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS).”

View and print Blaylock’s concise COVID-19 vaccine summary here.

COVID boosters and/or using mRNA in other vaccines pose a grave public health risk.
According to research published in Nature, December 2023, the mRNA COVID shots suffer high rates of ribosomal “frameshifting,” which causes your cells to produce off-target proteins that can trigger unintended immune reactions. The nanolipid in Comirnaty, made by Pfizer/BioNTech, is toxic to cells and triggers proinflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species that can disrupt the mitochondrial membrane causing it to release its content, cause RNA mistranslation, DNA mutations, destruction of the nuclear membrane and more. Frequent repetitions of COVID boosters and/or using mRNA in other vaccines pose a grave public health risk, the scientist warns. Nanolipid particles are toxic to cells, and can “shed in unpredictable biological locations, even far from the site of inoculation,” due to their “exceptional penetrability, mobility, chemical reactivity and systemic accumulation.” The nanolipid used in the shots “can lead to an unprecedented medical disaster,” Segalla warns. He’s calling for the immediate suspension of their use.


50% of Sudden Infant Deaths claimed to have happened within 48 Hours of vaccination.
In an interview, a former police detective claimed that about half of the sudden infant death cases she investigated showed the child had received a vaccination in the previous 48 hours. But coroners never mentioned vaccines on the death certificates, and doctors have been trained to gaslight parents, she said.


“The underlying business model is poisoning.”
Writing a doctoral thesis titled The Political Economy of Autism, Dr. Toby Rogers notes that the estimated U.S. autism costs will exceed $1 trillion by 2025. That, he noted at the time, would surpass official Defense Department spending as a proportion of GDP.

“The medical/pharmaceutical complex begins poisoning almost everyone in utero so everything that happens after that is in some way shaped by Pharma’s toxic chemical assault.” This turns out to be “great” for GDP because poisoning not only leads to more medical/pharmaceutical interventions but also is responsible for rising non-medical costs in a wide variety of sectors.


Invent a predator to justify the need to invent and mandate the cure.
It takes a truly scientific mind, one that can suspend dogma and social norms, and ask fundamental questions. Has anyone purified and isolated an alleged virus and demonstrated that this ‘thing’ causes a specific illness? Polio, AIDS, Rabies? Ever? The answer is a disturbing, NO.

Tom Cowan, MD, and I recently discussed his webinar which included a segment on Rabies. We all know Rabies is caused by a viral infection from a dog bite. Right? Are you sure? Please view the six-minute summary. You will be surprised.

Tom Lg 250x250 1

Here it is again: Mercola shared an October 2023 lecture by David E. Martin, Ph.D., detailing how we know SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, with a 58-year development history. David: “In 1984, we invented HIV, conveniently for the purpose of making sure we have one treatment: AZT.”

No one is claiming that people don’t get sick. They do and for all sorts of complex reasons. The disease merchants invented the label AIDS to describe a list of previously known conditions that were not caused by the alleged predator HIV and packaged this invented label with the new claim that this new disease is caused by HIV. That is the business model. ‘Invent a predator to justify the need to invent and mandate the cure,’ which in the case of AIDS/HIV was already on the shelf. Sound familiar?

Shake and Stir – The Presidential Election 2024
The Biden administration denies Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s, third request for Secret Service protection. Why would they do that? Not wanted dead or alive.

In eleven months there will be an election for the President of the United States. I use the word election lightly.

“Democracy has become sort of a film set. We have all these little things that tell us we’re a democracy, elections, and things. But none of us really feel like we have any impact on what the government does.”

“Three-quarters of Americans believe that President Biden is too old to govern effectively. President Trump faces both civil and criminal trials. Both of them have favorability ratings that are deep in negative territory. That’s what two-party politics has given us.”

“I’m running (for President) because I feel like I’m uniquely situated to fix the biggest issue … which is the center of everything: the corrupt merger of state and corporate power. The agencies that are captured by the industries they’re supposed to regulate.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

What follows sums up what to expect from Kennedy in 24. From his biography: “American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family.”

My mother was the strongest advocate for my father’s run for president in 1968. She knew he would never be happy if he stayed on the sidelines with the moral leadership of our country at stake… Knowing his thoughts better than anyone, my mom, goateed him with a clipping written by his friend, Jack Newfield, in the village voice which she carried in her purse for that purpose.

“If Kennedy does not run in 1968, (and in 24) the best side of his character will die. He will kill it every time he butchers his conscience, and makes a speech for Johnson, (Trump or Biden) next Autumn. It will die every time some kid asks him, if he is so much against the Vietnam War, how come he is putting party above principle? He will die every time a stranger quotes his own words back to him, on the value of courage.”

I am deeply moved by reading Robert F. Kenney, Jr’s biography “American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family.” Where do we get inside information about the values, honesty, and integrity of those deciding our future? Not from mainstream media or political propaganda.

Having interviewed Mr. Kennedy on the dangers of mercury, he and I have corresponded for the past year or two, which is to say that I have listened, read, and dug deeply into his views and passions. Including reading, “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters,” by James W. Douglass.

Appreciating that Mr. Kennedy is running for President, and being a fan of biographies; Cleopatra, Alexander Hamilton and Grant, and others, it felt appropriate to take a plunge into his early life and the events that shaped him, which, after all, were the events that shaped my life and yours.

His biography is an astonishing blend of boyhood innocence, the people and political forces that carved our recent American history, an attorney’s attention to detail, brimming with personal insights gained from decades of personal relationships, living in the very center of the cyclone. I found the read both riveting and revealing.

“We meet Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover, two men whose agencies posed the principal threats to American democracy and values. Their power struggles with the Kennedys underpinned all the defining conflicts that defined this era. We live through the Cuban Missile Crisis when insubordinate spies and belligerent generals in the Pentagon and Moscow brought the world to the cliff edge of nuclear war.”

Most of all, we see and experience directly the core values that shaped JFK and his brother Robert, which are the moral and ethical bedrock Mr. Kennedy stands on today, and why he is running. I challenge you to find the same fabric in any other candidate, which is the driving issue we face, personally and globally. Values are the heart and soul of Kennedy’s candidacy.

What are the core traits and values that drive our leaders and shape their decisions? How do others match up, and how do we know? Please read or listen to American Values.



I gifted “American Values,” to my immediate family and sent a copy of my note encouraging them to experience the biography to Kennedy.

Michael. You really made my day! Thanks my friend.️

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

My reply: There is a saying, “If you have a choice, it isn’t art.”

I’m quite serious. Every page of American Values bubbles with the deeply rooted ethics and values that sculpted your life, nature, drive, and passion. Your blend of child innocence with grown-up personal and political insights is masterful. Anyone reading or listening cannot help being touched and inspired. “Of course, you are doing what you have to do.”

This is it in a nutshell:

Your mother’s clipping by Newfield:

“If Kennedy does not run in 1968, (and in 24) the best side of his character will die. He will kill it every time he butchers his conscience, and makes a speech for Johnson, (Trump or Biden) next Autumn. It will die every time some kid asks him, if he is so much against the Vietnam War, how come he is putting party above principle? He will die every time a stranger quotes his own words back to him, on the value of courage.”

We will meet one of these challenging days.