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Bonding Is Resonance – Resonance is Life


Bonding-Attunement, Parenting

The weaver becomes the web. The more we relate to dead things the less alive we become. Emerson made this simple observation as the industrial revolution was pouring across the globe. The environment shapes development. Development shapes perception. Perception shapes reality. Reality projected outwardly shapes the environment and round and round we go.  Resonance….

Joseph Chilton Pearce made a profound and critical observation about virtual reality and the devices that produce them; they are dead, meaning they have no intrinsic resonate meaning, something all life forms share. They represent counterfeits of the mental imagery the most highly evolved regions of the brain evolved to generate. Exposure to counterfeits as the brain is developing (most importantly during the early stages and decreasing in importance through age eleven), retard the development of the capacities the counterfeit mimics.

One is bathed in living resonance sitting in the lap of a storyteller, hearts beating, nonverbal emotions, body contact, movement, temperature, order, touch and many other subtle fields of meaning. Holding a tablet or phone with a screen in your lap one is bathed in toxic microwave radiation. Yes, the senses are stimulated by lifeless counterfeits of living experience, startling bursts of sounds, moving colors, often frightening by design. Nature’s agenda is clear. We become the models we are given. At the turn of the century Emerson said: The weaver becomes the web. Joe’s insight is brilliant. Life and its meaning are defined by ‘resonance.’ Resonance is life itself. But we forget.

Prenatally the developing human is bathed in resonance. The first two years after birth are extremely sensitive. Attunement is the norm even if the adult is not tuning in. The developing brain is exploding with new and boundless possibilities all defined by resonance, that is, the nonverbal meaning of the model’s state. Nature assumes this model is a sensitive, available, attentive and attuned mother supported and nurtured by a father and extended family.

With the unfoldment of spoken language the child’s attention shifts to new internal imagery now generated by symbols and metaphors. As this new field of internal imagery expands attention shifts from the nonverbal meaning found in resonance to the play of words and relationships defined by words. The meaning of resonance slips in the background and is often forgotten, a tragic and unnecessary loss. What happens if the child’s models  are lost and absorbed in virtual reality and its counterfeits. If they, the models, are not sensitive, available, and attuned to resonance – what value will the child find in maintaining and developing this subtle capacity?

Imagine a developing human being interacting with a stimulating but dead technological environment. The model imperative and Epigenetics are lawful. They don’t care. Give a child dead counterfeits of living resonance and that is what you will develop in that child.

And down the slippery slope we go, bonded to dead virtual reality, increasingly unaware of what we have lost.

How pervasive is resonance? Joe describes it best:

Some five or six decades ago, in some biology class or other, we extracted a cell from a live rodent’s heart, put it in vitro, and examined it through a microscope. That lonely cell continued to pulse evenly for some time but then fibrillated (pulsed spasmodically) and died. We could take two live heart cells, keep them separated on the slide, and, when fibrillation began, bring them closer together. At some magical point of spatial proximity they would stop fibrillating and resume their regular pulsing in synchrony with each other—a microscopic heart. The two cells didn’t have to touch for this magical bonding to occur, and could in fact be separated by a tiny barrier. Relationship counts, it seems, but the question was, how did those cells communicate across a spatial and even physical barrier? In the ensuing half-century, through the wonders of scientific research, that mystery has been solved; electromagnetic bonds.

A heart cell is unique not only in its pulsation but more in that it produces a strong electromagnetic signal that radiates out beyond that cell. Spatial proximity of those two heart cells on the microscope’s slide brought their respective electromagnetic fields into conjunction, at which point the two frequencies entrained or meshed in a coherent synchronization. This apparently lifted the disorder of fibrillation leading toward death into the ordered heart rhythm of life.

All living forms produce an electrical field because in some sense everything has an electromagnetic element or basis, but a heart cell’s electrical output is exceptional. That congregation within us, billions of little generators working in unison, produces two and a half watts of electrical energy with each heartbeat at an amplitude forty to sixty times greater than that of brain waves—enough to light a small electric bulb. This energy forms an electromagnetic field that radiates out some twelve to fifteen feet beyond our body itself.

Perhaps you remember as a child dropping iron filings on a piece of paper, holding a magnet beneath, and watching as the filings formed arcs out from and back to the poles of the magnet. A roughly similar action results from the electromagnetic (or em) energy produced by the heart. This em energy arcs out from and curves back to the heart to form a torus, or field that extends as far as twelve to fifteen feet from the body.This torus function is apparently holographic, meaning that any point within the torus contains the information of the whole field. That is, at any location within the heart’s field, no matter how infinitesimal, all the frequencies of the heart’s spectrum are present… Further, according to physicists, a torus is a very stable form for energy, which, once generated and set in motion, tends to self-perpetuate. Some scientists conjecture that all energy systems from the atomic to the universal level are toroid in form.

In fact, our earth is the center of such a torus. Earth’s magnetic poles are the extremities of the dipole from which the lines of force are out and around our globe just as the heart’s field does around our body. And like the heart’s field, the electromagnetic field of the earth is holographic—it can be read in its totality from any single isolated spot on the earth’s surface. Our solar system is apparently toroid in function, with the sun at its center as our heart is at our center. Fluctuations in the energy fields of the sun produce disturbances in the corresponding magnetic lines of earth, such as those that result in the aurora borealis, or northern lights. We seem to live in a nested hierarchy of toroid energy systems that extend possibly from the minuscule atom to human to planet, solar system, and, ultimately, galaxy. Indeed, we live in fields within fields of a holographic electromagnetic display where all information is somehow present within every minute part of any particular frequency.

Death of Religion and Rebirth of Spirit

A recent documentary Resonance, by James Russell applies Joe’s description of bonding, shared meaning and resonance to the source of life itself, DNA. It describes how Alpha waves in the brain resonate at the same frequencies as the earth, 7.83Hz known as the Schumann Resonance, a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum.

While researching the memory characteristics of water, how water retains the memory of substances dissolved in it, Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of HIV virus, found that DNA sequences communicate with each other in water by emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when the DNA was kept in separate test tubes the communication continues. How sophisticated is this communication? Luc Montagnier demonstrated that this communication was able to organize nucleus-sites, the ingredients that actually make up DNA and form new DNA.

Scientists have combined these ingredients countless times before but have never been able to recreate the spark of life, the transformation of nucleus-sites into actual DNA, not without DNA already being present. Life can only exist where life has existed before. But with Luc Montagnier’s experiments, the DNA had been completely filtered from the water, yet new DNA was still being formed. What was so different about Luc Montagnier’s experiments. There was the presence of a frequency, 7.83Hz, which when removed would cause the experiments to fail. But when present would ensure that the experiments would succeed. 7.83Hz, Shuman-Resonance. A delicate relationship is maintained between life and the frequency of the planet, an interaction of living organisms and electromagnetic frequencies. Life evolved surrounded by Schumann resonance and from that resonance we find meaning, what we call bonding.

One can postulate that physical life moves from less complex forms towards greater subtlety and complexity. Pearce describes ‘the model imperative.’ From an infinite potential we lift out and develop only those capacities that are recognized and nurtured by interacting with the model environment. The emerging field of Epigenetics is the model imperative in action. Taking its cues from the environment DNA mutates new forms to maintain an inner balance with the outer environment which is great – unless the model environment is dead.

Michael Mendizza

In 1899, a scientist and inventor named Nikola Tesla was performing energy experiments in Colorado Springs, USA, when he discovered that the Earth had a resonant frequency of approximately 8 Hz. Sadly, Tesla was ahead of his time. His discovery was documented, but it was not proven, and wouldn’t be for almost half a century.

Nearly 50 years later, in 1953, Professor W.O. Schumann of the University of Munich was teaching his students about the physics of electricity when they discovered that the Earth’s cavity produces very specific pulsations. They’d stumbled on the vibrational pulse of the planet Earth. In 1954, scientific tests confirmed that, indeed, the planet Earth resonates at 7.83 Hertz, which was dubbed “Schumann Resonances” in honor of the man who provided the proof.
When Schumann’s test results were published, a physician named Dr Ankermueller immediately made the connection between Schumann Resonance and the frequency of brain waves. He was so excited to find that the Earth had the same resonance as human brainwaves in the Theta state that he contacted Dr. Schumann immediately.

Schumann was intrigued and asked a doctorate candidate, Herbert König, to look into it. König started a series of studies to compare human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of our environment. When König confirmed the relationship between the Earth’s resonance and human brainwaves, the science community was buzzing.

One of the foremost researchers into an earth/mind connection was Dr Wolfgang Ludwig. Ludwig’s goal was to discover which frequencies exist in a healthy environment. When he started doing his own tests, the first thing Ludwig discovered was that the Earth’s vibration could be clearly measured in nature and on the ocean, but measuring Schumann waves was impossible in the city because man-made electromagnetic signals interfered with and blocked out the Earth’s frequency. And that’s when brainwave studies got just a little wild.

In 1963, Professor Rutger Wever, from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andechs, built an underground bunker that screened out the Earth’s resonance. Wever was doing experiments with light and frequency and studying the effect on circadian rhythms. In each experiment, student volunteers agreed to live in the bunker for up to four weeks.

Wever’s bunkers were dismantled in the 80s, but in study results, Wever noted that when Schumann Resonances were filtered out of the bunker, the students’ physical and mental health suffered. They experienced stress, emotional distress and migraine headaches. After brief exposure to the 7.83 Hz frequency that had been screened out, their health stabilized quickly.

Simply put, human beings were not meant to live surrounded by power lines, satellite receivers and cell phone towers. We were meant to live surrounded by the natural resonance that helps us achieve our optimum brainwave state, but instead, we’ve created our own bunkers, cut off from the Earth’s frequency by our own inventions and conveniences. Is it any wonder that stress, depression and anxiety disorders are more abundant today than ever before in history?