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A perfect business model



Perfect Business Model

Invent a predator to justify the need to invent and mandate the cure.

So simple. A perfect business model.

When we grow up believing the world is flat, it is extremely difficult to grasp that the globe is round. It takes a truly scientific mind, one that can suspend dogma and social norms, and ask fundamental questions. Has anyone purified and isolated an alleged virus and demonstrated that this ‘thing’ causes a specific illness? Polio, AIDS, Rabies? Ever? The answer is a disturbing, NO.

Yesterday Tom Cowan, MD, and I discussed his webinar the day before which included a segment on Rabies. We all know Rabies is caused by a viral infection from a dog bite. Right? Are you sure? Please view the six-minute summary.

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The business model is simple. ‘Invent a predator to justify the need to invent and mandate the cure.’ That is the money mantra going back to Louis Pasteur, the French chemist and microbiologist 1822-1895.

This morning Mercola shared an October 2023 lecture by David E. Martin, Ph.D., detailing how we know SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, with a 58-year development history. David: “In 1984, we invented HIV, conveniently for the purpose of making sure we have one treatment: AZT.” There it is again.

No one is claiming that people don’t get sick. They do and for all sorts of complex reasons. ‘They,’ the disease merchants, invented the label AIDS to describe a list of previously known conditions that were not caused by the alleged predator HIV, and packaged this invented label with the new claim that this new disease is caused by HIV. That is the business model. ‘Invent a predator to justify the need to invent and mandate the cure,’ which in the case of AIDS/HIV, was already on the shelf. This was followed by the invention of fraudulent computer models and graphic images of sick people on gurneys packaged with bold headlines repeating, as modeled by Joseph Goebbels; everyone is going to die. That is the marketing plan. Provide immunity from prosecution for Big Pharma, NIH, and the WHO, and you have a global organized crime scene, that repeats its trick again and again.

As with Tom’s Rabies narrative, the actual death rate from the seasonal flu, including COVID, another label, remains consistent. ‘Global All Cause Motility’ from the many mandated and deadly government interventions, are estimated at 17 million. The aggressive and often lethal, mandated treatments, murdered 17 million people, not the invented virus. War is a racket. This is an organized crime scene framed as public health.

David Martin:
“I have been the most ardent advocate for shaming the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for a very good reason … and the reason is because in 1984, the state of North Carolina, not just the university, sold itself to … GlaxoSmithKline and the Wellcome companies.

The reason why you’ve heard the term ‘Research Triangle Institute’ or ‘Research Triangle Park’ — which is University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Duke University and North Carolina State University — is because the state of North Carolina sold its universities to GlaxoSmithKline Wellcome, and they did it because of AZT.

AZT was on patent, and we needed a state in the United States to be ground zero, to make sure that AZT became the drug of choice for the treatment of HIV. So in 1984, we invent HIV, conveniently for the purpose of making sure we have one treatment: AZT.

Here’s the interesting little fact that very few people know. If you go back and look at the videos of Anthony Fauci in 1985 and 1986 … he’s talking about [getting] a vaccine for HIV. But he suddenly got a knock on the door from GlaxoSmithKline going, ‘Hey Mr. Fauci, don’t start that project until the patent on AZT runs out.’

I’m not making this up. It’s actually videos that you can see. And so, mysteriously, courtesy of the Wellcome AZT protest, from 1991 to 1996, the world was told that the only treatment for HIV was AZT, and as such, the patent and the rest of the patent life on AZT could expire, so that GlaxoSmithKline Wellcome could get all of the money for the patented technology for a thing that was killing patients that allegedly had HIV.

Murder for hire. North Carolina sold the state so that could happen. Conveniently, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) decided that UNC Chapel Hill was its go-to institution, while AZT was in its monopoly run, to begin the process of doing HIV vaccine research …

So, ‘91 to ‘96 is the AZT cover story. Underneath that you have Ralph Baric genetically modifying and making chimeras of this coronavirus thing to create an HIV vaccine, which is going to conveniently roll out in 1997, as the patent on AZT expires.

So all of the funding for the HIV vaccine that was going to this program was actually going to use coronavirus as the packet in which the HIV vaccine was going to be delivered. That’s the model. [There are] hundreds of papers on this.

And, this is why this question of … is there HIV fragments somewhere in [the COVID shots]? The answer is, of course there is. It was designed into it. And it was designed into it, not a couple of years ago, not by Moderna, not by BioNtech. This was designed in many, many years earlier.

Not surprisingly, from ‘96 to ’99, Ralph Baric begins the weaponization of this allegedly synthetic coronavirus envelope to become a vaccine vector. 1999 comes along, and lo and behold, Baric and Fauci create what I affectionately call FrankenCoV.

What’s that? That is the monster, that’s the chimera (the illusion). That’s the idea that we can change surface glycans, we can change surface spike proteins, we can change surface oligomerization, we can do all kinds of things to modify this thing… Which is the reason why the 2002 patent becomes so interesting.”

The cover story is pure propaganda. We are the patsy, the person easily taken advantage of, cheated, blamed, or ridiculed. We are what the mob points its finger to distract attention from the real crime.