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5.44 billion people



I love Russell Blaylock. Followed him for over a decade. Read several of his books.

It was predicted, and the data confirms; massive increases in chronic illness and death caused by COVID injections. This alongside no significant differences in COVID mortality between vaccinated and unvaccinated, the injections don’t prevent infection or transmission, should not be given to pregnant women or children, appreciating that COVID is no more lethal than the seasonal flu.

5.44 billion people worldwide have received a dose of a COVID-mRNA jab that turns the human body into a spike protein factory, with compounding consequences.

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Russell Blaylock, M.D. appears on “Doctors and Scientists” for an in-depth and technical conversation about the effects of spike proteins on the body. He shares “discoveries” about the neurological damage, cancer rates, cardiac arrest, and other health issues set into motion by mRNA technology.

Reduce global population by scaring them. Make $$billions liability free jabbing them, plus untold $$billions each year ‘treating’ the damage inflected, and for decades. Now that is a great business model.

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