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The way WE treat children is the way our children will treat the world. Acting on this insight is the greatest challenge we will ever face. The resources at Touch the Future can help. We need your supportWhy Touch The Future? Wisdom is timeless. It never goes out of date. The Academy contains personal in-depth interviews with the teachers that inspired today’s teachers. Enter a theme or an author: birth, bonding, brain development, Joseph Chilton Pearce, parenting, nonviolent communication, competition, play, etc. and all the related segments are at your fingertips, over 200 hundred hours. The real power of The Academy is the way it allows you to scan hours of materials, filter, sort, preview and study in depth the information. Most segments (insights) come with transcripts. Touch The Future helps you Be the Change You Want To See, one child at a time.Please support this Site with a Sponsorship. With appreciationMichael Mendizza Manage Account >

For more than thirty years Touch the Future has been interviewing visionary educators, authors, scientists, researchers and performance specialists. Uniting each is a deep appreciation of the limitless capacity for children to love and to learn. This collection of visionaries is the heart of Touch the Future On-Line, our interactive, searchable Internet site, designed to share these collected insights with the world.  We publish an internet Newsletters often featuring one or more of these interviews. Subjects include brain development, prenatal consciousness, the nature of intelligence, nonviolent communication, adoption, the ecology of children and nature, the biology of nurturing, birth, bonding, original play, peak performance and more.  We have organized and video taped invitational symposiums, hosted national educational conferences, produced audio and video tapes, published books, hosted bi-annual dialogues, organized a speakers bureau featuring leading specialists in early childhood and have collaborated with other organizations to support their efforts on behalf of children and families.  Our greatest accomplishment is perhaps our vision for the future. Touch the Future is positioned to make a significant contribution to the early children and families. The vision and inspiration of the research community has never been greater, nor has the need. The majority of young children are in institutional care, …

Michael MendizzaFilmmaker, Founder of Touch the Future Prompted by the attempted rape and murder of a female colleague in 1981, Michael embarked on The Betrayal of Intimacy, an independent research and public awareness project to prevent sexual violence. The sociopath, rapist, and abusive male are most often themselves victims of early childhood abuse, humiliation, and neglect. It is this betrayal of intimacy that creates a foundation for violence. If the absence of nurturing is a major contributor to juvenal and adult patterns of violence, then feeling safe, physical affection and play in early childhood will help prevent violence. In 1987 Michael founded Touch the Future, a nonprofit learning design center, upon this simple observation. As documentary filmmaker Michael has traveled extensively researching sensitive issues: domestic violence and rape, the impact of media on learning, cultural and human development, the nature of intelligence, holistic learning models, the changing family, prenatal learning, creativity and peak performance. For two decades Michael has gathered and published interviews with more than fifty researchers, scientists, authors and performance specialists, including extensive works with renowned physicist David Bohm, J. Krishnamurti, Ashley Montagu and Joseph Chilton Pearce. Working closely with Pearce and performance specialists, Michael developed a revolutionary …