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Joseph Chilton Pearce Collected Works

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A comprehensive guide to social visionary Joseph Chilton Pearce’s work on the transcendent and magical potential of the human mind

• Explores Pearce’s most influential books, including Magical Child, sharing his life-changing insights into why we have become what we are, contrasted with the miracle nature intends us to be

• Features essential passages interwoven with Pearce’s own commentary, drawn from personal conversations and unpublished material

• Shows how Pearce’s key insights build across his books and break down core assumptions about reality and human potential

An expert in child development, Joseph Chilton Pearce (1926-2016) devoted his life to exploring the optimum development and astonishing capacities within each individual human being. Across his 12 visionary books and thousands of lectures, he blended cutting-edge science with spirituality and explored the amazing power of imagination for both children and adults–the space where we are able to play with our reality–inspiring millions to discover the human birthright of a more magical world.

In this guide to Pearce’s complete vision of transcendent human potential, Michael Mendizza explores 7 of his most influential books, sharing insights and expertise from Pearce’s full range of interests, from child development and conscious parenting to psychic phenomena and altered states to the power of the mind to shape reality.

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