Bonus > Play is Learning with Joseph Chilton Pearce

Play is Learning is one of the best introductions to Joseph Chilton Pearce, one that embodies a number of his fundamental themes: ages and stages of development, the model imperative, the difference between real learning and conditioning (the behavior modification and training we call schooling) and how authentic play represents natures design for optimum learning and performance, at any age, meeting any challenge.

Learning at home without spending a dime

I think what parents needs to do at home is to just make up their mind not to spend a dime for a while. Get a pile of rocks.

Play and what about clean-up?

The essence of all learning is play, it’s how we learn about everything is to play with everything, then the more a child has to worry about who is going to clean up, the less they play. The less they play the less they grow in every way possible. So you have to give it some thought about what you’re going to do.

Reinventing the extended family

When you have a brand new baby it’s really, really sweet to sit and talk to somebody who’s been through this.

Keeping wonder alive

Kids need to figure it out by themselves.

Unconditional acceptance

Easiest one to say and the hardest one to do – unconditional acceptance. We need unconditional acceptors in our life, people who absolutely love us no matter what.