All of childhood expands when we uplift, inspire and support parents and caregivers. Focus on the child while ignoring the adult, and childhood will remain just what it is.

A new insight is emerging. We must nurture, inform and support the adult if we expect them to care for and mentor well-adjusted, happy, intelligent children. This shift, from the child’s behavior to that of the adult, is our central mission.

Which adult? All of them, moms and dads, grandparents, teachers, corporate executives, caregivers, coaches. The challenge of childhood concerns us all. We all Touch the Future by the choices we make every day. Children are compelled to follow the leader and we’re it, like it or not.

We begin at the beginning, by supporting mothers, fathers and early childhood caregivers. We identify individuals and communities who have the greatest impact on children and create specific programs that support and nurture those adults, beginning as early as possible.

Between 70 and 80 percent of the world’s young children are in institutional care. Our top priority is Nurturing – The Early Child, Family & Caregiver. Millions of moms, dads, kids and coaches participate in amateur athletic programs. Our Intelligence of Play project reaches out to inspire and support this community. Accidents, homicide, and suicide are leading causes of death for children ages one to twenty-four. Sharing nonviolent communication skills with parents and caregivers is a high priority. We develop public awareness campaigns. One explores Corporate Exploitation of Children & Families. Another helps develop imagination and early literacy through storytelling. Another offers new models for Optimizing Learning & Safety in Our Nation’s Schools.

We nurture, inform and support adults and through them, Touch the Future of well-adjusted, happy and intelligent children.