We build bridges of understanding between the visionary research community and those who are caring for and mentoring children. Our focus is the caregiver. By helping those who care for children become more knowledgeable, sensitive, and empathic, we Touch the Future of every child they meet.

More has been discovered about child and human development in the past fifty years than in all of human history. The challenge is not to discover new information. It is to reach out and share this vast body of insight with today’s parents, educators, caregivers and coaches, and to do this in ways that support, inform and inspire.

We target specific groups of adults, new mothers, day-care providers, amateur athletic coaches, educators, and create learning designs that speak their unique language, communication tools that meet their specific needs.

Each audience becomes a project, and each project meets a critical need of that audience. Projects range from publications, videotapes and computer based learning tools to symposiums, conferences, intimate workshops, dialogues and year-long mentoring programs.

As a Non Profit Learning Design Center we Touch the Future by supporting, educating and inspiring adults who care for children.