Site Summary

Home - Our site contains hundreds of video interviews, articles, publications, interviews and research papers on child and human development. Knowing where to look will help you apply this archive to your life and the lives of the children you love.

Vision – Here you will find a statement of our accomplishments, history, this site summary, what we do and who we serve. These describe what makes Touch the Future unique. Today our main focus is adding new content to The Academy and creating custom curriculum resource packages that support the needs of other organizations.

The Academy - is newest most valuable contribution. Here you will find the most extensive collection of works by Joseph Chilton Pearce, James W. Prescott and several others in what we call Libraries. Next are Departments that include developmentally sequences categories such as Pregnancy, birth and Bonding or imagination and Play. These are followed by streaming Audio section. Each Library and Department features video programs where many have been indexed by theme as ‘insight.’ There is a powerful ‘Advanced Search’ feature for Academy member use. Search by individual, by theme or a combination of authors and themes.

Michael Mendizza - describes the events and inspiration that lead to the creation of Touch the Future, a review of Magical parent – Magical Child, brief biography and contact information.  

Blog – An archive of blogs on various topics by Michael Mendizza

Newsletters – An archive of Touthe the Future newsletters.

Members – Rather than seeking grants which is tedious, political and time consuming, we chose to grow by serving you, your family and community. We do this by sharing our archive which spans over twenty years of work and includes inspired video programs, interviews, essays, publications, blogs and hosting events with leaders in the field of human development. New programs are being added to the Academy on a regular basis. One DVD collection alone, Joseph Chilton Pearce - Reaching Beyond Magical Child, sells for twice the amount of the price for an annual membership. This is a rare synthesis that every parent and every educator must have in their collection.


The Academy

The heart of the New Touch the Future is the Academy. The beauty of our new platform is the way you can scan hours of materials in minutes, search by Author or by Themes or mutual Themes, click a subject item, what we call insights, review summaries, play the clip and in most cases review full transcripts of the selected item. In the future we will have a list of recommended ‘related links’ that expand, support and compliment the featured item. Every week we plan on adding new materials and further indexing existing selections.

In The Academy ‘Libraries’ are large collections by a single author. We are extremely pleased to offer the Joseph Chilton Pearce Library, a collection of interviews and presentations gathered over the past twenty five years which represents the most comprehensive overview of Joe’s expansive vision for our and our children’s full development.

Below our Libraries are Departments. These are developmentally organized to help you focus on the ages and stages of development that are of the most interest. This includes our Classroom, featuring a comprehensive review of Magical Parent, Magical Child, a book on optimum learning relationships, what athletes call the Zone, what researcher call Flow and what every child knows as Play, by Michael Mendizza with Joseph Chilton Pearce. And below Departments is a rich collection of Streaming Audio presentations.

Finally we have Touch the Future’s Classic Interviews with the visionary researchers and authors you find in the Academy.

This dynamic presentation format is unique and expansive. Plans are under way to collaborate with other organizations and incorporate their insights and educational programs into The Academy.

Michael Mendizza
Executive Director