Imagination & Play

Joseph Chilton Pearce

It was Einstein who said that imagination was more important than knowledge.  He understood that our greatest discoveries and most profound works of art have come to us through imagination and play.  Far from being idle day dreaming, the fantasies of childhood, build the foundation for all higher learning. 

Story Plus Play

Life is relationship. There is me, my authentic nature with its needs and curiosities and the cosmos expanding infinitely beyond me. What happens in the gap defines my life.

Children are sponges. Their rapidly changing brains and bodies compulsively seek new and different relationships that match the nova of neural connections exploding inside. We adulterated adults are in the Stone Age compared to the exponential brain growth found from the moment of conception to age eleven. Indeed the brain continues its expansive reach beyond eleven, but not as radically. The earlier in life the more profound and pronounced the changes, which means the greater the need for ever-changing appropriate things and relationships to engage.