Recently, my son, now 40+, and I shared a few thoughts about relationships.


Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce 29

Biology of Transcendence – Relationship
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Every aspect of life is relationship. Our ability to relate literally shapes our reality  structure, safe enough to play or defend against defines the world. Through development one’s identity moves into larger and larger relationship realms, successive higher orders of functioning including so called spiritual development.

Well emotion is relationship and you’re always relating but the animal relationship is limited.  You take the very same intelligence we’re relating and let the higher brain take over then and we begin to relate on a vastly wider level than the animal can but it’s still a relationship, still uses the previous relational brain, the emotional brain, you see, still the very same thing but in a much, much wider frame of reference.  So the relationship becomes not just the animal’s immediate surroundings but the relation of the human in the whole universe begins to open up.  So there again you’re overcoming the restraints of the previous system.  You’re not eliminating the previous system at all.  You can’t do without it.  But you’re overcoming the restraints of it by moving into a higher level of operations, you could say a higher order of functioning, you see one after another.  And that’s what so called spiritual development is.  That’s nothing more than spiritual development.  And to suddenly say you’re going to isolate a certain part of life and call that spiritual development is nonsense.  There’s nothing that is not spiritual development in the life process.  

Not to recognize the high spiritual element of your early child, we use to in my first family we referred to the two year old primarily, around that age as the oh-ah stage.  Everything they see feels them with wonder and I remember all my children in my first family when they would hit a certain stage they would point to something and they would literally say oh-ah, and oh look at that, breath taking, we called it the breathless period, the breathless stage filled with wonder over everything that they come across you see.  Now that’s what we’re designed, that is true education, that’s true spiritual awakening, spiritual development and anything that stands in the way of that, anything that takes away from the child, breathless wonder is killing their spirit which is to say we should retain that all of our life.  And you find such people as Walt Whitman, right to the last day of his life he was still filled with this enormous awe and wonder over the life process itself.  So his spirit had simply opened and opened and opened and it had never been shut down.  That’s education.  That’s spiritual development.