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When I first met Joseph Chilton Pearce we discussed how bonding creates an intimate channel of communication through which shared meaning flows. Oh, if we were only mindful of the deeper meaning of the meaning we share.

The mother's name for the object, and her emotional state are built into the structure of knowledge of the object the child creates. All without any evaluation on the part of the child.

This obvious, but not so obvious, observation opens to a much larger developmental force - state specific learning and performance. The emotional state of an experience is woven into the body and the intellectual memory of each experience. Each of the primary brain centers - thought, feeling and action - resonate an internal image or state of each experience. We call the composite image or state memory. In truth there is a separate memory unique to each major brain center. Stimulate the physical brain and the associated emotional and symbolic images-states are reincarnated, or, as we say, re-membered as a latent experience of the original event. What we abstract as thought is just that, an abstraction. What is primary is the state. Some states cripple; feeling observed, compared, judged. Some provide the optimum context for learning and performance; what we call original or authentic play in which psychological failure is not part of the experience.

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Story, Imagination and Exploding Neurons

Like Alice in Wonderland, Carly Elizabeth changes so much each day it’s hard to know just who she is. Blink and she changes again. Astonishing! There is no other word to describe it, watching, day-by-day, as Carly’s capacity to imagine explodes. Equally astonishing is the way most of us miss what is taking place, right before our eyes.

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“Experience isn’t the best teacher. Experience is the only teacher, experiences to give names to.”
Bev Bos, one of the most respected early childhood educators of our time.

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This is the moment…

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The Challenge and Responsibility We Call Parenting

The miracle we are is a constantly changing interplay, a constellation or radiant galaxy of trillions of independent but interdependent cells relating, communicating and cooperating. No thing is ever the same, not for a blink. As we now know there is no such ‘thing,’ as an atom, only movement. We are that, only movement.

We honor that impermanence, that we are a river moving or we misconceive. We create an abstract, somehow fixed notion that we are static, a me, mostly as a defensive strategy to avoid anticipated and self-projected fear.

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Development is experience dependent

Development is experience dependent
Joseph Chilton Pearce

The emotional state of the mother profoundly affects the emotional state of the child because it’s transmitted hormonally. If a mother knew this, if a father knew this, if the nation knew the full impact of this, the protection a mother is given so she intern can create the most powerful nurturing ambient for her child, we might then have a completely different ballgame.

I think of Michel Odent, MD, the medical doctor from Pithiviers hospital (France), and I think rather over-statement, he said that that the immune system seemed to lock into an immutable pattern very quickly at birth of a child by their experience, their birth experience and their first experience with the outer world. That that had such a profound effect on them that the immune system reflected it after the rest of their life. And I think we’re more flexible than that by far but this does point out the fact that when the child comes into the world the reception of that child determines how they respond to that world. And this is hormonal. This is cellular. It’s biological. It doesn’t have anything to do with the child’s feeling good or self-esteem or anything else. This is a biological organism and the reception to it as it enters into the world. And in fact we find now that the effect on the child in the womb is profound, it’s enormous, that the emotional state of the mother profoundly affects the emotional state of the child because it’s transmitted hormonally. And again we’re talking about hardcore biology. We’re not talking about sweet sentiments.

If a mother knew this, if a father knew this, if the nation knew the full impact of that, then the protection of a mother to give her the most powerful nurturing ambient, nurturing ambient, in order that there might be no anxiety, no anx, no fear. We might then have a completely different ballgame from that one simple little addition.

Again the only thing I can think of is these are essentially vested, not vested interest but entrenched emotional positions or world views you might say or images of who they are. For instance the new Surgeon General appointee, I think a Black woman, said that her whole thrust as a Surgeon General or perhaps it’s head of the HEW, I’ve forgotten which, was to make sure that there would never again be a child born in America who was not wanted and would be unconditionally loved and accepted. Now there it is. That’s the whole key issue of the survival of everything that we’re talking about.  And yet to get that across immediately you have fundamentalists who sense in that something having to do with birth control or abortion and so on and so forth, ignoring that International study that came out in Europe after years of research that the unwanted child was at risk on every level. Their immune system was at risk. Their whole intellectual system was seriously, their ability to become part of a society wasn’t known and so on. In other words they were not only an enormous threat to any society cohesiveness but a tremendous drain on a society.

So we have Sweden offering both the mother and the father a years leave of absence with pay to stay home and nurture that child in the most critical year of its life and of course ample way by which unwanted pregnancies can be prevented. But here you’ve got these huge vested emotional interest and these people are willing to kill other people to have their way and to prevent such things as is happening. So why we have these deep, again, these are the deep, those two first brain structures and their initial imprinting and the way the system closes in to its defense posture and then tries to maintain the integrity of that defense posture. The fundamentalist, whether it’s a fundamental Republican, Democrat, Christian, Islamic, whatever, the fundamentalist, the one who closes into that defense posture then blocks and prevents the other. Who has a solution for that?  I know you just have to keep trying and trying.

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More on concrete operations
Joseph Chilton Pearce

We have an infinitely open system that has no limitations whatsoever, it could build any conceivable structure of knowledge that the mind could imagine. What is the limitation? Nature's model imperative.  Nothing can happen until the child is given a corresponding model of that possibility in his physical environment which acts as a stimulus to activate and generate and bring about the maturation of that particular aspect of the neural system that will give you that possibility. At this period of concrete operational thinking, we have them seated at desks, working with abstract processes that are appropriate after age 11.  If we just let all that alone until about age 11, they'd polish off our whole educational structure in 2 to 3 years.  There have been experiments which prove that right down the line.  So concrete operations is what they desperately need to do.

What else do we find happening between 6 and 7? The biggest brain growth spurt of all.  What do we mean by a brain growth spurt?  Not necessarily more neurons but more connecting links between them.  Estimates are that a single neuron by age 7 may connect from anywhere to 50 to 70,000 other neurons.  In an adult, 10,000 of the neurons.  In this 6 or 7 year old, anywhere from 50 to 60,000 neurons.  Now you've got 100 billion neurons, any one of which can connect with 50,000 to 60,000 others, you want to multiply 100 billion by 50,000 to 60,000 and then figure that any of them can shift their mode of operation in any way to accommodate to the others and do all this on a multi-level all at the same time.  

Here we have what?  An infinitely open system that has no limitations whatsoever, it could build any conceivable structure of knowledge that the mind could imagine if one thing, what's that one thing?  Nature's model imperative.  Nothing can happen until the child is given a corresponding model of that possibility in his physical environment which acts as a stimulus to activate and generate and bring about the maturation of that particular aspect of the neural system that will give you that possibility.  Again, that model imperative is the issue.  

So, let's look at what we find in our country, at this period of concrete operational thinking, I mean they're desperate to take things of the physical world and put them together in new ways according to ideas.  Do we give them ideas for that?  Not too many.  We have them seated at desks, working with abstract processes.  Now abstract processes as we'll see really are most appropriate after age 11.  If we just let all that alone until about age 11, they'd polish off our whole educational structure in 2 to 3 years, believe me.  There have been experiments which prove that right down the line.  So concrete operations is what they desperately need to do.  

Let's look at some of the things that we don't model but other societies do.  First of all there's the Australian Aborigines, they do some extremely peculiar things at that period.  The Balinese used to, they no longer do but they used to choose their trance dancers at age 7 because after age 7 these little girls could walk across coals of fire and not be burned.  Now before then you're taking a little bit of a chance with it.  Now I view several esoteric events as examples of concrete operational thinking.  Let's start with the most extreme of all.  

On Sri Lanka, some of you have heard this before, but on the island of Sri Lnaka, for thousands of years in honor of the God Kataragama Deviyo, who has a 28 mile radius from his principle temple.  You step outside and there aren’t no God Kataragama Deviyo.  There have been too many scientific studies, very legitimate of this very affair.  In the central temple, periodically, several times in the year after a preparation of 3 weeks, about 100 people at a certain time when they're all ready, get out and walk across, recess the pits of coals of fire.  

Their pits are done, recessed below the level of the ground and are six feet wide, twenty feet long and will melt aluminum on contact, no onlooker can stand closer than twenty feet for any period of time.  Wads of paper thrown toward it will burst into flame about five feet away.  Now, this has been photographed, there have been movies of this, we've had all sorts of scientific instruments of this, optical parameters and so forth and certainly they've been doing this for thousands of years in honor of the God Kataragama Deviyo.  The God must seize them, give them the power and they can walk across the fire.  

Now, I've taken part in something similar, I've been exposed to 1380 degrees Fahrenheit, now this is far, far hotter than that, for over an hour in direct contact without sensation and I knew only absolutely ecstasy, absolute total blowing me out of my mind.  I was delighted with it, can't do it again, I wouldn't try it again, I'm afraid but at that time I wasn't afraid and I couldn't be hurt and I knew it so at any rate these people walk across these fires, they're doing it in this country now.  Several people are; Michael Skye I think is one of the most remarkable and intelligent people doing this.  They're walking across forty foot beds, they're nowhere near as intense as this.  Nowhere near as intense as Sri Lanka, but believe me a forty foot bed of white hot coals at night is a long way to go and some people lie down on it and so on and so forth.  Now in Sri Lnaka some people run across, some people stroll across, some people hold hands, some people sit down on it, women scoop up the white hot coals and pour them down overheads, their hair doesn't catch on fire, their cotton togas that drag never burn but three percent of the people that walk the fire, their capacity breaks at some point.  Instantly their clothing and their hair flares up.  

They have attendants with long wooden hooks that try to get them off the fire and seldom can.  They nearly always are killed very quickly.  Now you've heard me before say that I love that three percent because it gives us what we call the control group.  We know that the fire is working and we know that the test is legitimate.  They used to do the same thing in Borneo, it's a very common practice, even in Greece and Indonesia, places like that they used to walk fire, it was a common practice and the point of it is, very briefly, this is a form of concrete operational thinking.  I can tell you what it is and I know this, I know this to be the fact, it's simply this higher cortical structure coming in higher up the evolutionary stream in this creative process going on here.  Acting on the emotional cognitive system which is the relational aspect of things, how everything goes together and relates to change simply the physical aspects of the physical world and our body and its interaction and change the relationships in the way it's all put together.  

So you simply have a shift within the neural system of the higher acting on the lower.  Incorporating the lower into its service and bringing about a change and it's simply one step beyond the child’s ability to look at the tall thin flask and the short fat flask.  What else is it a step beyond?  

Remember we were talking about the child in the early stage of imagination and play.  That they would see the inner image in their minds eye and the child seeing the great road roller going down the street, mashing everything flat, that's what I'm going to be when I grow up he says.  He doesn't have a road roller, finds the little spool of thread and shouts "a road roller" and plays for hours and hours.  And as Vitconsky saw long ago that he's created an inner image, the inner imagination has created its own world image of that road roller.  Looks without for an object that can be controlled by the child, projects the internal image on the external image and the child sees it as a beautiful, not a spool, but a beautiful road roller and plays in his modulated or modified reality.  A reality he is shaping and changing according to his own internal process.  Nature preparing so soon for the really great movements of the human being into the unknown.  Now, at age 7 comes the sudden possibility, if he's given the right models, to do what?  To literally change the external object, physically change it into the nature of an internal abstract or non-localized idea.  Got it?  It's just simply the next stage as we move on up the hierarchy or the ladder of development.

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Upward or Downward Evolution
Joseph Chilton Pearce

The tragedy becomes when the psychic structure remains embedded in the lower structure and that shift or transformation of the lower into the higher does not take place. Then we get into children without a conscience. Nature’s expansive development shifts into reverse. We de-evolve. This is because, through a series of events and recent phenomena that have no historical precedent in the genetic system, our children and more and more of them each year, are locked into, their sense of awareness or ego remaining locked into its total identity with the lowest sensory survival system.

So now in summary of all of this we'll find in these three different brain structures, three different blocks of capacities, behaviors, and intelligences which are designed to open at their respective periods in the natural, common sense, hierarchy of development of the system in the first place.  Do you follow that?

And the real necessity of providing the child with the appropriate environment and the appropriate models for each of these periods and honoring nature's agenda.  In the developing of  these -- our knowledge of these three brain systems and their unfolding for development at respective periods we'll find that as the later stages awaken and unfold for their expression and their focus of development that they'll incorporate the lower structures into their service and profoundly change the lower structures.  Does that make any sense?

Let me go through that again. The emotional - cognitive system which we share with all mammals so long as its simply in sync with this reptilian brain itself reward systems are purely reptilian, within the physical system.  All my rewards are physical, you know if I can't eat it, drink it or make love with it what use is it?  And that's perfectly reasonable for an emotional reward system locked into its identity and serving the physical system as it does.

Now, as we develop the great neocortex, this will incorporate the reward system into its own pursuits and this will profoundly change the reward system and profoundly change in turn the kinds of rewards we're seeking.  So we find that as nature adds each of these systems, the higher system transforms the nature of the lower system into its own nature.  You know the first person to say that was Meister Eckhart about six centuries ago.  He said when the higher incorporates the lower into its service it changes the nature of the lower into that of the higher.  This is evolution.  This is what the whole game is all about, to incorporate the lower structure into higher structure and change the nature of the lower according to a much higher level of civilization, quality of life, capacity, open up whole new universes and so forth.  

The tragedy becomes when the psychic structure remains I am embedded in the lower structure and that shift or transformation of the lower into the higher does not take place.  Then we get into trouble.  That trouble is exhibited in the book by Ken Magid, called High Risk, children without a conscience.  All of a sudden we seem to -- not all of a sudden it's been happening all throughout history but never on a large scale like in the present, a group of children who display absolutely no compassion, no ability to understand the feelings of another person.  And this is because, through a whole series of events and recent phenomena that have no historical precedent in the genetic system at all, our children and more and more of them each year, are locked into it's not a willful thing on their part -- their psychic structure, their sense of awareness or ego remaining locked into its total identity with the R-system.

With the maintenance system with its drive for food, territory, sexuality, so that when -- and very little modification by the higher structure, which makes a qualitative evaluation of it, you see, very little modification, and almost no modification of the higher intellectual system that can stand objective to the whole process.  Look at it from awe reasonable stand point and modify our own behaviors accordingly.  They don't have that available to them.  So we can't accuse them of morale failure.  This is a biological break down, you see.

The  first thing we have to do in looking at our current crisis of childhood is to get rid of the words morality or ethics or any of these judgmental things and look coldly at what is happening to this biological system.  To keep these children locked into an identity pattern that simply moves without emotion or without intellectual reflection for immediate gratification of the lowest maintenance system drives.  Is that making any sense to you?

And from that then we have this, that the child is locked into a defense system because our defense system is this lower maintenance system. That's the one that worries about a hostile world out there and tries to close into a position that can be defended.  The opposite to it of course, is a system that looks at the whole universe as something to be embraced, brought in and absorbed and become greater and greater and greater moving on up into these neural structures.  And what is the difference?  The difference is in the model imperative, the nature of the physical environment given that child to a great extent.

We have the work of Miles Storpher and his geneticists in New York City.  Miles points out that heredity accounts for about 65 percent of a young person’s capacity, intellect, intelligence, abilities, but the 35 percent furnished by the environment determines whether or not the 65 percent gets any chance to unfold.  So we find if the child is given both the genetic inheritance that's productive in opening up, and an environment and a model that helps that child in opening up, you've got a hundred percent success.  If the child is born with a tremendous predisposition towards an intelligence and capacity and ability, but unfortunately the 35 percent environment which is detrimental, he can overcome it.  She can overcome the limitations of the environment but it takes an awful lot of work and it's bought at a real price. And the child who both has a poor genetic inheritance of ability and then a very poor environment stands very little chance of success.
What has happened to us in the past 50 years particularly, World War II is the watershed, is a severe polarization and split of what should be complimentary forces.

In physics they speak of complimentary energy, that each is necessary to the other and yet they're so different. -- We speak of the wave fields that give rise to the particles of energy that go together to make up molecules and atoms and all that kind of thing.  These wave fields and the particles they give rise to are totally different states.  The wave fields are non-localized, the particles are localized and yet each is absolutely necessary to the other.  Without a wave field you've got no particle.  Without a particle the wave field has no expression and we don't even know it's there.  And so they are complimentary forces. Totally different, absolutely interdependent on each other.  Do you follow that?  The same thing with the intelligence of the heart and the intellect of the brain.  They're totally different processes designed by evolution for different things.  

The one to maintain in wholeness, completeness and unity, and integration and protect the continuity of life and earth and species.  Moving only for that which is beneficial. The other intellect driven compelled has no control over it.  I ask why take everything apart and move into the unknown and the two of these and their perfect balance then do what?  Make sure that we move we move into what is possible. 

We also ask is it appropriate.  So that we could -- it would be impossible for us to dump a hundred million tons of violent toxic waste on our own nest every year and all the rest. It would be impossible and yet we would be opening up to new worlds all the time and completing what evolution has designed for us.

So that polarity between the male intellect and the female intelligence which we all have within us is a big   subject in this day and time.  Where did this polarity come from, how did it happen to us that we have male and female literally at war with each other, lots of sexual dysfunction’s and of all these things happening.  We'll talk about the recent phenomena that never existed before in evolutionary history we've brought about intellectually that are profoundly breaking down this complimentary between them.  And we speak of the open ended potential of the human being, open-ended, understand that here in this neural structure we have a hundred -- an estimated hundred billion the average adult mind.  That's a lot.  I'm not going to put it all up there.  You'll get all mixed up.  

A hundred billion of them.  Each neuron able to connect with at least 10,000 others forming fields of activity.  Some neurons able to connect with a hundred thousand others, long axons from neurons that go on and connect a field of activity that has a specialty for instance let's make a cartoon of it and say in the phoneme name field here's a field of neurons that handles ma or let's say handles the letter A.  Now in is ridiculous.  I'm making a cartoon of a highly complex thing and simplifying it.  Here's a field of neurons that handles A.  Got it?  Okay.  

Now it's connected with every other neural field of the brain.  How many other words can this -- how many words can this lend itself to?  An infinite number.  There is no end of number of words that it could ever lend itself to.
The same thing with all the neural fields, what we call the sensory maps of the brain. They find that the whole sensory system, our sense of smell, taste, touch, feel all those things are representative, are translated into experience through  precise neural fields.  You can destroy one of these neural fields that might be about the size of a pin head and there's  a hole in our physical world, a hole in our vision or destroy  one little tiny group of  cells of say a million and there will be a hole in our speech, one whole category of speech will disappear.  This has all been quite   well-known.  I mean I'm not hypothesizing here.  

So these neural fields connected links of anywhere from a hundred thousand to a million of these neurons that have a specialty.  They do a certain job.  But they can lend that specialty to all the other neural fields and change continually. As the overall context requires.  At the same time producing their own specialty.  They can operate on many levels at the same time.  That's the awesome quality of these neural fields of the brain.  

So here we have this infinitely open capacity for structures of knowledge building these patterns for translating for possibility into our own immediate awareness. Mozart who did all his work in his  head, he never worked anything out on paper, he would have a great idea, perceive the whole idea in a single flash but then he would go for weeks working it all out in his head.  And he would say no one knows how hard I have to work to figure all this out, to translate practice that single instant into this 45 minute experience.

And when he started finally to put it down on paper he would have his wife read stories to him to occupy that ego intellect and all of its interests while it, his great musical intelligence which he had developed from age 4 on, could take over freely, unhindered by his little personality or anything and it would then do it.  Does this mean he's just an (inaudible) just to dictate taking down from some -- no one knows he said how hard I have to work to get to that point.  

So we have this business of the independent intelligences and we access them through a long discipline.  We learn to do what, to allow the intelligences to kinds of to breed us and then you have this perfect dynamic going. So these fields of intelligence and the unfolding of them according to nature's agenda and the brain growth spirts that unfold at the same time and the critical necessity that we honor the agenda and provide the appropriate model imperative for each of those.  And the fact that the ego structure is embedded in each of these states until it’s completed and we can move the ego structure into the next state.  And the tragedy of ego getting stuck in the structure because it's never completed because we're trying to do too many other things at the same time or we fail to provide the appropriate model imperative.  

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Biology of Transcendence – Relationship
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Every aspect of life is relationship. Our ability to relate literally shapes our reality  structure, safe enough to play or defend against defines the world. Through development one’s identity moves into larger and larger relationship realms, successive higher orders of functioning including so called spiritual development.

Well emotion is relationship and you’re always relating but the animal relationship is limited.  You take the very same intelligence we’re relating and let the higher brain take over then and we begin to relate on a vastly wider level than the animal can but it’s still a relationship, still uses the previous relational brain, the emotional brain, you see, still the very same thing but in a much, much wider frame of reference.  So the relationship becomes not just the animal’s immediate surroundings but the relation of the human in the whole universe begins to open up.  So there again you’re overcoming the restraints of the previous system.  You’re not eliminating the previous system at all.  You can’t do without it.  But you’re overcoming the restraints of it by moving into a higher level of operations, you could say a higher order of functioning, you see one after another.  And that’s what so called spiritual development is.  That’s nothing more than spiritual development.  And to suddenly say you’re going to isolate a certain part of life and call that spiritual development is nonsense.  There’s nothing that is not spiritual development in the life process.  

Not to recognize the high spiritual element of your early child, we use to in my first family we referred to the two year old primarily, around that age as the oh-ah stage.  Everything they see feels them with wonder and I remember all my children in my first family when they would hit a certain stage they would point to something and they would literally say oh-ah, and oh look at that, breath taking, we called it the breathless period, the breathless stage filled with wonder over everything that they come across you see.  Now that’s what we’re designed, that is true education, that’s true spiritual awakening, spiritual development and anything that stands in the way of that, anything that takes away from the child, breathless wonder is killing their spirit which is to say we should retain that all of our life.  And you find such people as Walt Whitman, right to the last day of his life he was still filled with this enormous awe and wonder over the life process itself.  So his spirit had simply opened and opened and opened and it had never been shut down.  That’s education.  That’s spiritual development.