The First Plastic Health Summit 2019

Pete Myers

PETE MYERS is the chair, founder, and chief scientist of Environmental Health Sciences. He opened the second round of science talks by discussing how plastic harms the health of future generations through the intergenerational endocrine disruption.

The First Plastic Health Summit 2019
We brought together a host of leading scientists, policymakers, influencers, and innovators, united in one common goal: the search for answers to questions which have not yet been asked, answers that can make the difference for our children in the near future.

John Peterson Myers

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Why Males Are Disappearing
And becoming more Feminized

The Big Fart

How big? The arctic has been sucking up carbon in the form of methane for millions of years trapping it in a prison made of ice, 1,000 to 10,000 gigatons, compared to 240 gigatons humanity has emitted into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution began. Now the arctic ice is melting releasing this prisoner into the atmosphere replicating on a super-fast track the conditions that triggered the Permian-Triassic extinction,250 million years ago that snuffed out more than 90 percent of all life forms on the planet. At some tipping point this big fart will burst free.


I Am Sorry

Look up. Yes, I see. They are doing it again, and in plain sight. No one seems to care. No one looks up and screams. Yesterday the sky was deep blue. Not a cloud from horizon to horizon. This morning, early, the sky was filled with long chalk marks. Very high, six or more tiny arrow heads, large jets belching chemicals crisscrossed the sky. For several hours I watched as these long straight chalk marks spread into artificial clouds. As the day went on the sparkling fall light became dull. I’m a photographer. I notice the light. I notice when something artificial, unnatural destroys the composition. They are doing it again.


Bonding Is Resonance - Resonance is Life

The weaver becomes the web. The more we relate to dead things the less alive we become. Emerson made this simple observation as the industrial revolution was pouring across the globe. The environment shapes development. Development shapes perception. Perception shapes reality. Reality projected outwardly shapes the environment and round and round we go.  Resonance….

Joseph Chilton Pearce made a profound and critical observation about virtual reality and the devices that produce them; they are dead, meaning they have no intrinsic resonate meaning, something all life forms share. They represent counterfeits of the mental imagery the most highly evolved regions of the brain evolved to generate. Exposure to counterfeits as the brain is developing (most importantly during the early stages and decreasing in importance through age eleven), retard the development of the capacities the counterfeit mimics.

One is bathed in living resonance sitting in the lap of a storyteller, hearts beating, nonverbal emotions, body contact, movement, temperature, order, touch and many other subtle fields of meaning. Holding a tablet or phone with a screen in your lap one is bathed in toxic microwave radiation. Yes, the senses are stimulated by lifeless counterfeits of living experience, startling bursts of sounds, moving colors, often frightening by design. Nature’s agenda is clear. We become the models we are given. At the turn of the century Emerson said: The weaver becomes the web. Joe’s insight is brilliant. Life and its meaning are defined by ‘resonance.’ Resonance is life itself. But we forget.

Prenatally the developing human is bathed in resonance. The first two years after birth are extremely sensitive. Attunement is the norm even if the adult is not tuning in. The developing brain is exploding with new and boundless possibilities all defined by resonance, that is, the nonverbal meaning of the model’s state. Nature assumes this model is a sensitive, available, attentive and attuned mother supported and nurtured by a father and extended family.

With the unfoldment of spoken language the child’s attention shifts to new internal imagery now generated by symbols and metaphors. As this new field of internal imagery expands attention shifts from the nonverbal meaning found in resonance to the play of words and relationships defined by words. The meaning of resonance slips in the background and is often forgotten, a tragic and unnecessary loss. What happens if the child’s models  are lost and absorbed in virtual reality and its counterfeits. If they, the models, are not sensitive, available, and attuned to resonance - what value will the child find in maintaining and developing this subtle capacity?

Imagine a developing human being interacting with a stimulating but dead technological environment. The model imperative and Epigenetics are lawful. They don’t care. Give a child dead counterfeits of living resonance and that is what you will develop in that child.

And down the slippery slope we go, bonded to dead virtual reality, increasingly unaware of what we have lost.


For Whom The Bell Tolls

We are again stunned by a shocking tragedy. How can such a thing happen? The roots of today’s violence were sewn long ago. At the beginning, when the seeds of pain and violence were created through neglect, comparison, not being seen, birth trauma and everyday abuse, constantly feeling compared, judged, told no, not being touched or touched violently, not being understood and responded to as we are, authentically – here is where the preventive response must be. Not gun control, not more prisons, not castrating the rapist – not more pain for an already tortured global body and psyche. We must respond but at the root, at the beginning by preventing these painful, violent neurons from forming.

James W. Prescott, PhD, has been researching and writing about the Origins of Love and Violence for fifty years: “You won’t find a violent individual in prison who has been breastfeed for 2.5 years or longer.” Years ago Joseph Chilton Pearce wrote a chapter in Magical Child: A Time Bomb in the Nursery. David B. Chamberlain, PhD, author of Babies Remember Birth and The Mind of Your Newborn Baby summed it up: “The way we treat babies is how those babies will treat the world.” Primal researcher and innovator of water birth Michel Odent, MD, uses the phrase; “A chronic and global diminished capacity to love.” “It is the environment not the genes,” says Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution.


GMOs We Can't Undo

In his book Enough, Bill McKibben argues that genetic engineering, robotics, and nanotechnology are taking us past a point of no return. We now stand, in Michael Pollan's words, "on a moral and existential threshold," poised between the human past and a post-human future. Post human future? Is that what is on the table with Genetically Modified Foods? I think so. Why? What is behind the curtain? It is not simply food. Exploring the link between GMOs and declining fertility.

Kaiser Permanente: GMO’s are Devastating Health
From  NaturalSociety

28 November 12
Just days after a leading genetically modified organism (GMO) researcher spoke out against GMOs and how many pro-GMO 'scientists' are in bed with Monsanto or carry their own GMO patents, the largest managed healthcare provider in the United States is now publicly speaking out against GMOs. In a recent newsletter, the Kaiser Permanente company discussed the numerous dangers of GMOs in a recent newsletter and how to avoid them.


Cell Phones and WiFi = Microwave Radiation

Fried-Brains in the Sand
For months, no, years, the research keeps pouring in. Microwave radiation affects LIFE from DNA expression to birds, bees, our bodies and our brains. Yet, we give this radiation to our kids, hold it up to our heads, fill our homes and workplaces with it - without blink. How strange is that? Poison is poison - even if we can’t see it

There are two fundamental issues: Learning and Behavior and the way microwave radiation damages the body. 

On the first: Joan Almond and the Alliance for Childhood just released a lovely report:
Facing the Screen Dilemma. A must read on the impact of screen time on learning and behavior. Also see:
The Emerging Technology Disaster in Early Childhood Education.

A new documentary: Resonance – Beings of Frequency, begins by describing how the earth’s and our brain’s natural frequency are the same and what happens when we introduce artificial microwave radiation. Up to date and revealing. View and share.

Then dig deeper with Barry Trower, former government agent specializing in microwave radiation by the military.

Government, Industry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time than all the terrorist organizations ever. The evidence I have is showing this is correct. I put my money where my mouth is and stand my ground. I trained at the Governments Microwave Warfare establishment in 60's. I worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, which used microwaves.

In the 70's I helped de-brief spies trained in microwave warfare.
My first degree is in Physics (I specialized in microwaves)
My second degree is a research degree.
I have a teaching diploma in human physiology.
I teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.

Trower, author of the Tetra Report [Tetra a telecommunications system used by police]...

I predicted the illnesses, which the officers now complain of. I predicted the illnesses the residents now complain of.

Secret Report On Cell Phone Dangers And Tetra.
Confidential Report On TETRA Strictly For The Police Federation Of England and Wales
By B. Trower 11-25-4

Low-level microwaves have been known as very dangerous to our soft, water-based bodies since the 1970’s, when Government Scientists warned the military, at the time, against exposure (enclosed). It makes absolutely no difference which box they come out of: be it TETRA/02/Airwave [police telecommunication system] – or any of the mobiles. The pulsing (modulations), power-density and frequency may cause variations with some people – but you cannot change the risk factor of the basic microwaves. Consultant Solicitor Alan Meyer said “It is quite simple – an employer must provide a safe system of work”: You cannot – and will never – be able to demonstrate that long-term, low-level microwaves are safe.


DNA Remembers and Expects

dna remembers

“The addict’s reliance on the drug to reawaken her dulled feelings is no adolescent caprice.
The dullness is itself the consequence of an emotional malfunction not of her making.”

Gabor Mate, MD, Author,
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, Close Encounters with Addiction

More on Pleasure, Pain and the Developing Brain

The development of each new human being involves the complete evolutionary process of life on the planet. Native traditions recognize and honor this fact. Western civilization, driven by an anti-feminine passion for male intellect does not, thus the classic mind-body split. One self-world view nurtures the deep ecology that we are, the other attempts to dominate and control nature, including our own.

In each of us is the entire process of creation, what Joseph Chilton Pearce calls Evolution’s End. Each stage of development anticipates the past and creates the necessary foundation for the next unknowable leap forward to unfold. The developing fetus in the liquid world of the womb, for example, has no use for lungs and yet creates lungs anticipating an oxygenated environment it ‘knows’ nothing about. The entire spectrum of human development implies this unfolding anticipation and unknowable expectation.