Suicides in America - 30 Year High: The Dying of America - James W. Prescott, PhD

The unifying theme in Gabor Maté M.D.’s works is the long term consequences of impaired early attachment; ADHD, addiction and many stress related illnesses. What follows is an important extension of this thesis by James W. Prescott, PhD, on the rising tide of childhood suicide, something Joseph Chilton Pearce and others noted along with Jim many years ago.   Michael Mendizza


Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce 51

Childhood Depression and Despair
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Childhood suicide in America begins at age three. Suicide is the third cause of death of American children between the age of five and seventeen. If all the attempts at suicide were successful it would be, by a wide margin, the largest cause of death. All this indicates a pervasive lack of hope in children, brought about by the failure of basic nurturing (mother-infant separation and day-care), followed by reciprocal audio-visual communication which television-computers supplanted, and a corresponding loss of play. Add up the score and you get despair.