Suzanne Arms

Suzanne Arms

Since 1973, Suzanne Arms has been an outspoken visionary, multi-book author, photojournalist, inspired teacher and public speaker: wise, passionate and compassionate. She synthesizes earth-based wisdom and modern science about how best to bring humans into the world and care for the mother-baby bond, so that everyone benefits and families can thrive. Her perspective is both broad and deep, as she weaves history, politics, economics, psychology, spirituality, public health, cross-cultural issues, eco-feminism and the feminine into a beautiful tapestry of knowledge.

Ashley Montagu

Ashley Montagu

Our first Touch the Future interview was recorded in my home with Ashley Montagu in 1994, an anthropologist and humanist who popularized issues such as race and gender and their relationship to politics and human development. Ashley authored over fifty books including Life Before Birth, Touching, On Being Human, The Nature of Human Aggression, The Natural Superiority of Women, Growing Young and many others. In 1995 The American Humanist Association named him the humanist of the Year for revolutionizing our understanding of human nature.

We can't solve a problem at the level of the problem

Forgive me for restating the obvious. It is really very simple. Rape, domestic violence, child abuse, depression, addictions, chronic anxiety, fear, rage, most chronic diseases; diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, many hormonal cancers; breast, testicular, heart disease, ALS, attention disorders, bullying, gangs, male-female inequity, poverty, the failure of education, corporate exploitation of human beings and the environment, you get the point, are expressions of failed or impaired capacity to relate nonviolently with other human beings, society, culture and with nature. All are attachment disorders, attachment being attuned, empathic, respectful, caring relationships.

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I have known, traveled with, interviewed and directed a number of documentaries on the life and insights of J. Krishnamurti, and have done so for more than thirty years. Below is The Mind of J. Krishnamurti, a 60 minute documentary. The best introduction to the man and his insights avilable. mm


Krishnamurti with Michael Mendizza

M The world crisis is unquestionably growing more and more acute. You have said that the outer crisis, in society and the world, reflects an inner crisis in human consciousness. What do you mean by that?

Chamberlain Mind of the Prenate

David B. Chamberlain

In this 75 minute up date and companion program to Babies Know More Than You Think - David B. Chamberlain, PhD explores the present state of pregnancy and birth in America. He describes how birthing practices have been influenced by Obstetrics rather than Obstetrics being shaped to meet the needs of babies, mothers and families. The key insight being explored in this very candid and compelling program is startling and transformative. Very early in the program David explains why the mind of the baby is not in or dependent on the brain.

The Continuum Concept Leidloff

Jean Leidoff

This is the best interview with Jean Leidloff, author of the Continuum concept, anywhere. We have made a terrible mistake about what human nature is. We are under the misapprehension that we're born bad, or in the official words of the Church of England, innately depraved, and that is simply not true. I was living for more than two years with Stone Age Indians, looking straight at them and not really seeing them, because I was so blinded by preconceptions. I didn't even notice that, amazingly, the children never fought.

Rock a Bye Baby

James W. Prescott

The Time Life documentary "Rock A Bye Baby" describes how the sensory deprivation of normal mothering, touch and movement causes permanent brain abnormalities and pathological violence. The single greatest contribution to understanding the mother-infant separation syndrome was provided by Drs. William Mason and Gershon Berkson in their swinging mother surrogate experiments where the importance of body movement (vestibular-cerebellar simulation) in mother-infant bonding was documented.