Postponed by unprecedented global events, we are now ready…

I am proposing a ten-week exploration of Joe’s life and his collected insights. My personal goal is to use the descriptions he offered in each of his major books, to reveal how each of us can translate insight into a transformative experience, for ourselves, our children, and our communities. Please let me know if you would be interested in participating, which day of the week would be best.

 We all know that humanity is facing an unprecedented, species survival crisis. As Krishnamurti described;

 “We think the crisis is out there, in the world, in society. The crisis isn’t out there. The crisis is really inward, in the consciousness of each of us, and we are unwilling to face this.”

 Joseph Chilton Pearce is unique. No other blends spirit, biology, insight, and human development into a coherent framework that can translate insight into a transformative experience for today’s children and parents, which I believe is the most critical generation in human history.

What he explored in all his writings was not abstract, academic. His descriptions were born from personal experiences that challenged, and fundamentally, how we perceive ourselves, our relationships to others, and the living earth.

 I had the great privilege of interviewing Joe for more than fifteen years. This represents an incredible collection that archives the gifts of one of the most challenging individuals in recent history. We were passionate about many of the same interests. A generation apart, he was as close as a father. We shared openly our lives, our hopes, disappointments, passions, and concerns.

Two threads weave in and out of all Joe’s works, uniting them into a coherent whole. The first, are his descriptions of our astonishing capacities. The second, our self-inflicted limitations. There is a conflict between our innate and miraculous biological design, and culture, our intellectual construct, which has grown exponentially toxic, poisoning, limiting, and constraining nature’s agenda. Which side of this conflict prevails will soon determine our fate as a species and the living world.

Exploration of the Life of Joseph Chilton Peace

Ten 90 Minute Sessions - Begins Sunday March 6th, 4 PM PST
Registration: $15 for individual sessions.
Preregistration for all ten sessions $95.

 Note: We will post the video presentations prior to the class to help limit each session time to one hour.

  • 30-60 Minute video interviews with Pearce
  • 30 Minute review and summary of each theme or chapter in the new book;
    The Life and Insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce
  • 30 Minute Discussion
  • 5 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Flexible Scheduled on day of the week preferred by participants
  • Recorded for convenient viewing
  • Suggested readings, themes and proposed questions will be posted to series site one week prior to each session


  1. A Saga of Spirit and Psyche
    My journey with Joseph Chilton Pearce
  2. The Crack in the Cosmic Egg (1971)
  3. Magical Child (1977)
  4. The Bond of Power (1981)
  5. Evolution’s End (1992)
  6. The Biology of Transcendence (2002)
  7. Magical Parent – Magical Child with Michael Mendizza(2004)
    The state specific nature of optimum learning and performance.
  8. The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit (2007)
  9. Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation (2010)
    The Heart-Mind Matrix (2012)
  10. Optional Dialogue: Our Common Future: Translating insight into a transformative experience.

 Let me know if you are interested in exploring together by signing up below.

 Michael Mendizza

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