Touch the Future is proud to support The Evolved Parenting Initiative ™ an advocacy think tank for parenting practices that meet the critical, innate developmental needs of babies and young children. Our organization promotes the re-evolutionary discovery of the "primal parenting" practices that used to be universal.

We aim to make the explosion of scientific research supporting the practices accessible to media and decision makers. Converging evidence from across scientific disciplines confirms what our ancestors knew intuitively and passed on from experience: Particular care-giving strategies optimize social, emotional, and intellectual development and result in healthier and more cooperative and compassionate children, then adults, and ultimately, society.

In our modern society, primal parenting best cultivates humanity’s potential and therefore, translates to the innovation and success we so desperately seek. Through evolved parenting, we reject shortcuts to these ends and instead embrace "ethical innovation" and "wise success." The most effective way these goals are seeded is through a powerful force of nature: early parenting.

Empathic Compassion
Empathy—the ability to sense and appreciate the emotional state of others—is an endangered resource. Yet it is perhaps the most essential human capacity necessary for our society to flourish. "Sympathetic habits of action" are critical for societal glue. Research has identified specific parenting practices positively correlated with the development of empathy and the development of sympathetic action habits. Discover the developmental science of Empathic Compassion.

Ethical Innovation
Awareness of and skills for connecting to others provides for a society characterized by creative daily living where solutions for social problems emerge from collaborative processes. Instead of a zero-sum orientation, collaborative social creativity results in enough for everyone in present and future generations. Evolved parenting practices develop these skills. Innovation is so hotly pursued now in education, but ethical innovation will not only crucial to solve the world's problems, but it will be sustainable.Discover the developmental science of Ethical Innovation.

Wise Success
Evolved parenting nurtures joyful living. Children are bathed in love which develops a sense of trust that fosters a society that feels connected, lives compassionately, and supports sustainable success. Developing our children's capacities to the fullest, with autonomy guided by empathy, will produce more success. This success will grow from the individual level and up through the community around the globe. Discover the developmental science of wise success.

Darcia Darvaez, PhD, Co-founder, Director of Research

Angela Braden, Co-founder, Executive Director