Michael Mendizza
Filmmaker, Founder of Touch the Future

mm orgPrompted by the attempted rape and murder of a female colleague in 1981, Michael embarked on The Betrayal of Intimacy, an independent research and public awareness project to prevent sexual violence. The sociopath, rapist, and abusive male are most often themselves victims of early childhood abuse, humiliation, and neglect. It is this betrayal of intimacy that creates a foundation for violence. If the absence of nurturing is a major contributor to juvenal and adult patterns of violence, then feeling safe, physical affection and play in early childhood will help prevent violence. In 1987 Michael founded Touch the Future, a nonprofit learning design center, upon this simple observation.

As documentary filmmaker Michael has traveled extensively researching sensitive issues: domestic violence and rape, the impact of media on learning, cultural and human development, the nature of intelligence, holistic learning models, the changing family, prenatal learning, creativity and peak performance. For two decades Michael has gathered and published interviews with more than fifty researchers, scientists, authors and performance specialists, including extensive works with renowned physicist David Bohm, J. Krishnamurti, Ashley Montagu and Joseph Chilton Pearce. Working closely with Pearce and performance specialists, Michael developed a revolutionary parenting and coaching model that applies the psychology of optimum experience, what athletes call The Zone, to parenting and to education. A new book, Magical Parent - Magical Child, the Optimum Learning Relationship, offers this model of peak performance and optimum learning to parents, preschool, Head Start, and child care providers, public educators and amateur athletic coaches. Michael has presented these and related works at national and international conferences in the United States, Eastern Europe, The Netherlands, in India and the United Kingdom.


Lisa Reagan
Editor Pathways/Kindred

Lisa as been a passionate and committed advocate, journalist and community organizer for Cultural Creative families since she looked into the eyes of her newborn son 14 years ago. Lisa is a co-founder, past president and a current board member of the national 501C3 nonprofit Families for Conscious Living. In 2011, Kelly Wendorf, founder of Kindred, gifted the online magazine to FCL, who took on the site as an educational project with Lisa as its executive editor.

As part of a nonprofit collaboration, Lisa is the associate editor for Pathways to Family Wellnessmagazine and the author of Pathways' ongoing column, The Conscious Path. She was the creator of FCL's Gathering Guide in 2002, which is now the basis for the outreach, educational program, Pathways Connect. Over 250 gathering groups have begun since the Pathways Connect program was launched at the Celebrating the Shift to Conscious Choice summit in Washington, DC, in October 2010. Parents looking to find or create a local group for support for their conscious choices and to explore wellness use this free program through the beautiful and dynamic magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness. (Watch Pathways Connect's one minute video.)

Because a major concern for parents who wish to make wellness choices is finding supportive practitioners, FCL has collaborated with the Holistic Pediatric Alliance since Lisa's election to the HPA board of directors as its parent representative in 2004. The HPA, along with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, is also a nonprofit sponsor of Pathways to Family Wellness and the Pathways Connect program.

Lisa serves on the advisory board for the new and first-of-its-kind, Museum of Motherhood, MOM, in New York City, where she helped to coordinate the first ever Mindful Mothering conference in November 2011. She is also honored to serve on the venerable Touch the Future's board of directors as of 2012.

Lisa's exploration of conscious living led her to become a trained facilitator of the Worldview Literacy Project through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS, in 2011. Lisa incorporates consciousness research, including that of IONS, into her written and live presentations on family wellness to small groups and conferences.

Her professional journalism background includes being the former East Coast Editor-at-Large for the groundbreaking, natural parenting magazine Mothering and the US Contributing Editor to the first global magazine on sustainable family living, byronchild, or Kindred magazine. In 2007 and 2012, she served as a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence college journalism awards for online, in-depth reporting. In the very beginning of her career, she worked at the Virginia newspaper, The Daily Press, where she earned two Virginia Press Association awards for Gulf War Special Editions of the paper called Coming Home Proud.

In 2011, Kelly Wendorf, founder of Kindred, gifted the online magazine to FCL, who took on the site as an educational project with Lisa as its executive editor. Lisa is currently developing Kindred's capacities for a global dialogue on conscious parenting and conscious living through collaborations with authors, activists, like-minded nonprofits and College of William and Mary interns.

Lisa is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR, member of American Mensa, member of the Society of Professional Journalists, a Reiki Master Teacher and former organic Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, farmer (read about her farming adventures in Spiritual Composting). She lives with her family on their small farm in Toano, Virginia, where she is writing a book about her adventures in the conscious living movement.