Published Thu Oct 23, 2014

A colleague just passed along a link to an important documentary.
Take Back Your Power, on so called ‘Smart Meters’ and how they fit into NSA’s global... more

Published Tue Sep 23, 2014

Attachment Parenting International and Touch the Future both began 20 years ago. Both were inspired by the same vision; kids are not the... more

Published Thu Sep 18, 2014

This rude awakening came as quite a surprise, shocking really. The sun, moon, planets and every living thing does not revolve around me. Life is reciprocal. The more we naturally give to life, the more life... more

Published Sun Sep 7, 2014

Two for one this time.

School is in. Mandatory vaccinations are up. A whistleblower comes clean regarding the Center for Disease Control cover up and fraud regarding documented statistical correlations linking vaccines... more

Published Sun Aug 31, 2014

I wonder if all parents experience the awe, this unimaginable complexity and mysterious unfolding? How is it possible? The union of two cells explode and become Carly Elizabeth; heart beating, ten fingers and ten toes,... more

Published Wed Jun 25, 2014

Published Sun Jun 8, 2014

Published Tue Oct 9, 2012

to consider

The Environment – Food – Vaccinations – Economics – Media – Health – Globalization – Terror – Nutrition & Behavior – The State Of The Union – Genetically Engineered Food – Empathy – The Federal Reserve... more

Published Wed Jul 25, 2012


she knew

Strolling to the office, a plaque rested in a merchant’s window.

She Knew She Was Worth More Than Babies...

Worth more than babies? What could possibly be worth... more

Published Sun Dec 19, 2010

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