Most of human existence is habitual, sleep walking in a dream cast by culture. Excluded from this
semi-alert state are vast fields of insight and meaning that exist beyond these limited borders. Being habitual, reflexive and mechanical, our sleep-walking appears in the dream as normal and necessary, no reason here to wake up. Drugged by our lazy habits of mind, we comfortably repeat tomorrow what we did yesterday, mother and daughter, father and son, calling this conditioning parenting and education. While great technological innovations were being made, human beings remained stuck, like a wagon wheel in deep, sticky mud, repeating. Joe recognized and rebelled against this life-wasting pattern early.

Much of Joe’s life was spent exploring what he called ‘cracks,’ those very real phenomena that manifest, plain as day, but should not, given the limitations of our day-dreaming reality. Joe used the ancient Vedic image of a Cosmic Egg to describe what is allowed, and therefore possible, in our sleep-walking reality, the images and beliefs that cast our self-world-view. When a crack opens in the egg, excluded potentials slip through, illuminating the true nature of our nature, much of which has been excluded by the egg. Hallelujah, we shout. A miracle!

Living in our egg, excluded capacities are, indeed, miracles. Dissolve or crack the egg and potentials we call miracles are seen for what they are, simply the way nature, which is our nature, works. Exploring this core insight, splits our quest in two dimensions, what are the astonishing capacities that are mostly excluded, and what forms and sustains the limiting egg, our self-inflicted limitations.

None of this matters while dreaming, save the sixth great extinction approaching at avalanche speed. Technology, being part of the dream, enshrined within the egg and therefore oblivious to what is excluded, continues to expand exponentially, creating a blinding force that excludes even more, a self-replicating and expanding reciprocal loop. A problem can’t be solved by the source that created the problem.

To break this suicidal pattern demands first that we, at least partially, awaken from the dream, now turned nightmarish, which means a ‘crack,’ a sliver of free attention that is not completely enchanted by the dream. Like a file in the hand of a prisoner, all of Joe’s writings scrape at the bars of our self-imposed jail, inviting this crack. The more we file, the weaker the egg becomes, until, Hallelujah, excluded potentials pour in illuminating the darkness which sustains the dream. What happens next is up to each of us. As he knew, with every particle of his being, this awakening is our only hope.
Joe gave us the file. Start scraping.

Michael Mendizza


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