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Rather than seeking grants which is tedious, political and time consuming, we chose to grow by serving you, your family and community.

We do this by sharing our archive which spans over twenty years of work and includes inspired video programs, interviews, essays, publications, blogs and hosting events with leaders in the field of human development.

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New programs are being added to the Academy on a regular basis. One DVD collection alone, Joseph Chilton Pearce - Reaching Beyond Magical Child, sells for twice the amount of the price for an annual membership. This is a rare synthesis that every parent and every educator must have in their collection.

No one offers the depth and diversity you will find here at Touch the Future. We designed the Academy to make as much inspired information available to as many people as possible. Plus the Academy filters these unique programs to meet your interests and needs. Enter a theme or an author: birth, bonding, brain development, Joseph Chilton Pearce, nonviolent communication, competition, play, etc. and all the related segments are at your fingertips.

The real power of the Academy is the way it allows you to scan hours of materials, filter, sort, preview and study in depth the information that interests you the most. Most segments (insights) come with printable transcripts, amazing.

With appreciation
Michael Mendizza

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It is really very simple. If you like what we do and want others to benefit being a Patron is a great way to ‘pay it forward.’ To show my appreciation for contributing a little more I will include, as a gift, an autographed copy of Flowering with stunning photographs by Michael Mendizza and quotes by Krishnamurti.