• Beyond Adolescence
    Feelings of hidden greatness
    adolescence, brain development, human potential
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    Brain researcher Marianne Diamond says, “If you challenge the brain enough, it will continue to develop throughout life", but all of this is on a different level than we talked about before. All these first 15 years have been devoted to what, coming into dominion over this whole physical process and then by 15, sexuality has appeared and what is sexuality all about? At the same time, intuitively the young person knows their erratically incomplete. We call on the silent areas of the brain, these frontal So therein lays the key of what the adolescent is all about.  They realize this incompleteness.  Now we say why do they always gesture toward their heart?  And they do, because all of these are felt as great yearnings of the heart and this isn't just metaphoric, it's felt physically as a pressure in the heart that comes up like a lump in the throat.