• Critical & Creative Thinking 04
    We have no idea what we are capable of
    brain development, higher capacities, human potential
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    Joe mentions a few things about formal operational thinking acting on physical objects by describing Baalbek in the Lebanese Mountains.  It's in Lebanon, way up in that mountainous range there, and very harsh mountainous terrain. Under is a huge substructure at Baalbek, made of stone, absolutely perfect rectangles fitting together so perfectly that you can barely detect the edges where they come together, and these stone are 33 feet long, approximately, and I'm not quite sure of the figures here, 10 feet wide, and about 12 feet deep, 33x10x12. The estimate, by the British engineers who have made in-depth study of this, is they weigh about 750 tons each. The British engineers estimated it would take 40,000 adult males to move one stone. They found one single hole through the center of each one, a very, very, tiny little hole drilled through the center of each one.  They don't know what it's for.  It's larger on the inside than it is on the outside, that particular hole. They know it was built before the time of the great flood, and they estimate its age to be between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago. Somebody came along and knew how to move stuff around in ways that we can't.