• Learning & Educatin 04
    More on concrete operations
    learning, human potential, miracles, model imperative
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    We have an infinitely open system that has no limitations whatsoever, it could build any conceivable structure of knowledge that the mind could imagine. What is the limitation? Nature's model imperative.  Nothing can happen until the child is given a corresponding model of that possibility in his physical environment which acts as a stimulus to activate and generate and bring about the maturation of that particular aspect of the neural system that will give you that possibility. At this period of concrete operational thinking, we have them seated at desks, working with abstract processes that are appropriate after age 11.  If we just let all that alone until about age 11, they'd polish off our whole educational structure in 2 to 3 years.  There have been experiments which prove that right down the line.  So concrete operations is what they desperately need to do.