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    Imaginative Play
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    What is imitative play?  Like, little toddler sees her mama making cookies, great big mixing bowl, here's mama making cookies. Immediately, monkey see, monkey do, the model imperative.  She wants to do the same.  She can't.  Too big a bowl, too big a spoon, can't manage.  So, what does she do?  She sees the outer model image, creates her own internal scenario where she is the model, she's doing that, and then looks for some way to project it onto her external world and act this imagery out, act out this image she has made of herself in that role.  And she picks up a little jar top, a little stick, finds some mud or sand, or maybe play dough, throws it in, and talking away at a blue streak, because all early child play is verbal. Talking away, she acts out this role.