• Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce 57
    Play, Imagination & Language
    storytelling, imagination, play, learning, language
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    When reading or telling a child a story the stimulus coming in is ‘word.’ The responds in the brain is ‘imagery.’ When you pair the word with an image, as with video and computer programs, there is nothing for the high brain to do. No activity in the prefrontal regions. No demand made on the neocortex. The image is already there present to the sensory system. Researchers took television programs for the five and six year old and switched the sound tracks. The sound no longer matched the image and played this to hundreds of children across the country. The majority of children did not notice the discrepancy. This exploded the notion of education through television. There is no education through television which has now been replaced by computer and tablets. There is nothing really ‘learned.’ The child will be entertained and remember impressions. But this is not learning.