• Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce 42
    Parenting: Meeting the Child’s Changing Needs
    parenting, unconditional love, bonding, brain, brain development
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    If the parent is attuned to what the actual child needs, not what the adult project as a cultural expectation, conflict virtually disappears. The child will clearly express what they need, are interested in, learning about and not. True learning is completely intrinsic. Only 5% of what a child actually learns come from what the adult thinks of as verbal instruction. And of that 5% the child retains only 3% for any length of time. 95% of all true learning occurs simply by interact with the model environment and this is done in the state of authentic play. Few parents are up the challenge. Actually meeting the child where they are requires that the parent stay one step ahead. This is a significant challenge. The child’s brain is the most dynamic learning system in the known universe. The benefits of trying however reap unimagined benefits for both adult and child.