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    Intellectual interference with a fifteen billion year process
    pregnancy, birth, bonding
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    Paul MacLean did some of his most brilliant work on how in order to build great new un-programed open ended neuro ended structures, you would have to have increasingly greater nurturing and care of your off-spring and prolonged periods of total helplessness in your off-spring.  For very good reasons.  In the more primitive creatures you can hard wire the whole response pattern to the world right in to it.  And you need very little nurturing, you need very little modeling or guidance.  Those hard wired instinctual patterns of intelligence just can fire right in and the creature is very quickly independent. But when you start adding great open ended un-programmed possibilities in, as our great neuro structures are, particularly the frontal lobes, as we will talk about later, then you have to have a prolonged period in which the hard wiring, or hard wired stuff is replaced by soft ware, so to speak, to use those terms, and the child is critically dependent upon modeling and prolonged periods of helplessness.