• Essential Joseph Chilton Pearce 09
    Child Care and Bonding
    childcare, bonding, parenting
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    Bonding is a biological resonance of shared meaning that updates and re-syncs moment by moment. A break or disruption of this shared meaning field, during the most rapid and profound periods of brain development affects how that brain grows, especially the pre frontal regions and the intelligence of the heart. The ‘in arms’ period the first nine to twelve months, being the most sensitive and therefore most critical developmentally is completely dependent on this shared-meaning resonance. Being biological, physical proximity is key. So too is model constancy. The adult model, that is how the adult relates to the world serves as a pole star, a resonate ground, point of reference for the child, the physical and emotional foundation for his or her relationship to the world. The vast majority of child care, and especially very early care disrupt both.