• All matter is frozen light
    All matter is frozen light
    light as nutrition and medicine
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    What does a plant do?  It takes in light energy, it stores that light energy, and then when we eat the plant or eat the animal that has eaten the plant, we are getting light in a different form.  When food has very little nutritive value it is because its light content is significantly reduced compared to something directly out of the garden. When you’ve got something that is close to the source you get a great deal of nutritive value eating a small amount.  When it is further from the source and often synthetic the food has little or no nutritive value - just bulk. We can’t eat enough to get what we need. So we see many individuals eating dramatic amounts of food trying to fill up something that can’t be filled.

    The combination of poor light and visual confinement not only makes for less energy, a lowered ability to learn, a lessening of our visual function, but creates the biggest health care epidemic in the world which is eyesight deterioration.  Think about it.  Less than one percent of people is born needing glasses, yet two-thirds of the U.S. and World’s population currently wear glasses. It is such a big epidemic that we think it’s normal.