• Religion and science as field effects
    Religion and science as field effects
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    There it is. It’s a very demonic process.  Of course then we get into the whole medical travesty of the taking over of childbirth and shifting millions of years of genetic encoding and the fact that that is sweeping the world, practices which are bizarre such as medical interference at childbirth, C-sectioning, the fact that that should become a major occupation, the way of bringing children into the world and we see 80% C-sectioning and Thailand, having wrecked Thailand as a nation and no one would believe that. If you say that, oh no, there are all these other failures that we’ve made. And then now the report I just got in of the fact that the Chinese had adopted C-sectioning and you got to wondering why? That’s what I would call field effect. These fields of notions get going and they’re contagious. They spread and they leave destruction in their wake.