• Religion and science as demonic forces
    Religion and science as demonic forces
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    That was very clear to me that early religion was one of our great enemies and our downfall, not only looking at the present time when we have nothing but this worldwide clash between religious beliefs and where even the Buddhist’s get violent at times. Throughout the whole planet, the rising tide of violence seemed to have, more often than not, a religious fervor involved in it, not just the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims, but it seemed kind of spread throughout the world. The strange phenomenon of terrorism as a practice and the Jihad, and yet we look back in the early Christians, singing on their way to feed the lions and so on and so forth. They’re feeling, getting on the crusades and going over to kill the Arabs and so on, just bloodshed after bloodshed, and then the backlash. The Muslims might have been perfectly at peace had we not, the Christians, invaded them to take their land away from them and so on and so forth.  So, it’s been a back and forth bloodshed and beneath it a supposedly very generous gesture of the powers that be, of these religious people whose aim is to lift us to a higher level. And we have really plunged deeper and deeper into despair. That’s all.