• On Circumcision 04
    You don’t chop the whole penis
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    You just chop off the best part. In the developmental period the foreskin and the glands develop as one structure, there’s two parts but one structure. And they’re connected to each other.  And somewhere between birth and puberty, at the end of puberty, these two structures separate and the foreskin becomes retractable in 98-99% of males. For the other 1% it’s a variation on the theme. But what is that foreskin and exactly what’s lost when it’s amputated?  In a ring that encircles the opening or the foreskin, which has only been identified since 1991 by a Canadian researcher, Dr. John Taylor, a Pathologist so what he was studying was dead, he didn’t do this on anybody alive, but he recognized this little ridge band that encircles the opening of the foreskin and in that ridge band they estimate somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 specialized erognized nerve endings.