• On Circumcision 02
    The origin of circumcision
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    the idea of spilling and speed in masturbation was considered self-abuse.  So these ideas dovetailed and the practice began to try to restrain children from masturbating.  It seemed like a good idea.  If they could not masturbate they wouldn’t get polio, they wouldn’t get syphilis, they wouldn’t get tuberculosis.  It’s like hair growing on the palms of the hands and masbatory insanity while ego blind.  We’re not all blind but there’s a whole lot of us wearing glasses.  At any rate.  So circumcism began then in England and then traveled to the other English speaking countries.  We didn’t initially pick it up.  What we did was strap kids down.  We used a cauterizing instrument called a Buzee to cauterize the urethra of little girls.  This was done to both boys and girls because anybody could get sick.  Both genders would get sick.  So they would cauterize the urethra with this Buzee so don’t let the boogey man get you.  The Buzee man.  And then ultimately we too adopted circumcism as did New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.