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    There is no medical reason for doing this
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    I’d go in and talk to the parents about circumcism I would say I see that your baby is scheduled for a circumcism in the morning.  Are there specific reasons that you’ve chosen to have him circumcised?  Well it’s cleaner.  And I said well do you understand that the American Academy of Pediatrics says that soap and water offer all the advantages of circumcism, all the benefits, without the risks of surgery?  Circumcism is a surgery?  Does it hurt?  Yes it hurts the baby.  Do they scream?  Yes they scream.  They scream loudly.  I didn’t know that.  Well you can see why people would be upset with this information and it’s new information.  What I was told at the hospital then was parents, new mothers are very fragile and this is not the place for them to hear this information or to be upset.  My response to that was, if they haven’t heard this information, oh they said it’s the doctors responsibility to teach the parent these things.  And I said well if the doctor hasn’t done that, somebody better.  And if they haven’t heard it before now this is the last chance.  Somebody had better say something to them.  Again, this is not an easy message.  For example what mother wants to hear her baby is going to suffer needlessly?  What man, what dad wants to hear that he was strapped down and tortured and mutilated and the best part of his penis was thrown into the trash can?