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    Ashley Montagu 04
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    Bonding is a word. But what does it mean? What it means is to bond with the first language of communication between the mother and her infant, which of course develops into eye contact, when you see the baby beginning to follow the mothers eye movement, reading her face expressions like a map, absolutely interpreting every expression. And the human face, it has been said, I don’t know, is capable of about 250,000 different expressions with sixteen muscles of expression on each side of the face. But the tactile experience, you see it is eye contact is the technical phrase by people who don’t know much about this, the touch of the eyes is very expressive, because it really means that you are doing what you are doing when you are actually touching the other body. And the expression of the eyes into our adult lives is very important. It tells the difference between indifference, between dislike, between love, friendship, and so on. And all this is connected to the word bonding.