Like the Serenity Prayer

Our challenge is inner, not outer
to not identify with what Buddhists call ignorance
that fundamental misperception of our true nature
with its implicit evil brewing in ourselves, others, society
what we do to the earth and every living thing

Only then, free from ignorance
can we see clearly and do what must be done
without creating more of what we shun


Gallup asked, “What percentage of people infected with COVID land in the ER?” More than 90% of Democrats and 75% of Republicans got it wrong. 41 percent of Dems believed that half or more COVID patients end up in the hospital after contracting the virus. The correct answer is one to five percent.

This discrepancy between perception and reality reveals a stunning portrait of the bias, even lies and intentional distortion woven throughout the COVID propaganda, which translates into irrational fear. The sky is indeed falling for many.


Our Self-Imposed Prison

Just now, halfway through The Real Tony Fauci, Bil Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, with citation after citation indicting, yes, the ring leader, and his well-greased, meaning paid and rewarded, accomplices, I closed the book and sat in silence.

Nearly everything we know about our personal health, the health of our children, and public health have been scripted, with that script being repeated thousands of times by corporate and social media actors pretending to be journalists, controlled and funded by the same self-aggrandized accomplices, from the advice we receive from our personal physicians to the emergency need for lockdowns including; masking and isolating the entire global population, never-ending forced injections of experiential stuff, to having to show your papers before entering the local restaurant, a relative’s home, the market or bus; robust, healthy, immune, or not – forever.

Lighting the Flame of Change

Turning the pages of The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health reads like a detective meticulously walking a Grand Jury through a global, highly organized crime scene. 450 pages, over 2,000 citations, revealing how out of 600,000 Americans who died, 85%, 510,000 could have been prevented by safe, inexpensive early treatment, that was intentionally, strategically blocked, censored, and withheld, compelling the global health care system to force and have victims pay for highly toxic and expensive alternatives. A pattern that has been repeated for decades. Over 6,700 doctors signed the Rome Declaration calling this willful withholding of life-saving treatment a crime against humanity. You will never look at the medical industry, government agencies, or prestigious medical journals the same.

In my post On Being Dissident, Vaclav Havel describes how an invisible force, latent and mysterious, bursts into human consciousness and people stand together and simply say “no,” and in that instant, the world changed. Ordering and sharing Kennedy’s book is a powerful way of adding your personal energy to this magical force. Please order and share five or more copies. Below is my correspondence with Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Thanks for that generous offer, Michael. I’m looping in my publisher and CHD Director.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Keeping my daughter out of prison - something missing


An important paragraph was missing from the original:

Keeping my daughter out of prison

And maybe your children too…

For the past four years my daughter Carly, now seven, has been blessed to share her life with other children at a Forest/Waldorf inspired play-school; outdoors, in nature, unmasked, unafraid. This term will be her last, forcing my family, like everyone else, to decide what’s next.

Farmers, Cows and Pigs


Seeing The Future (new link added)

Laura observed during our interview, “Some see the future before others.” Laura was Aldous Huxley’s wife; Aldous being the author of Brave New World, a vision of the future. Laura and Aldous were friends of J. Krishnamurti, another person who saw the future long before most.


Something Much Deeper

A late lunch at the Getty in Los Angeles. “Enough with all the challenges, Michael. We want solutions,” lamented my brother and sister. Taking a breath, I stumbled, “we are colorblind to the source, and therefore how to get ourselves out of the mess we have made. Offering positive solutions demands seeing the problem clearly. But we are blind, as David Bohm notes;”

child development

Speaks Out Boldly

At times my sons and family cover their ears. Enough, please, I don’t want to hear more bad news about, well, you know. I’m not an authority about anything, but, as a media professional, I have a nose for propaganda. And the stench from synchronized, mainstream media has been as poisonous as the air pollution in China.