Dreams Are Real (while we are dreaming)

michael mendizzaDreams Are Real (while we are dreaming)
Michael Mendizza
A new bumper sticker reads: "Don't believe everything you think."
That's very good advice and we are going to explore why.

Consider, among other things, that the human brain and nervous system is a dream machine pumping out a near constant flow of images that are so real that we think they are real!

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Thoughts On Post Industrial Education

Prediction and Control VS Creative Human Development
Two mighty forces shape the debate raging around school reform, a social, economic and political issue every much as challenging as healthcare reform. What follows is some of the best thinking on this issue from two respected colleagues. Read both. You won't be disapointed.



Bonded To What?

Bonded to What?
by Michael Mendizza

michaell mendizzaMainstream parenting, compulsory schooling and organized religion share a common goal – conditioning, modifying and training the hearts and minds of children – quoting Alice Miller, for their own good, of course. To accomplish this each and most every other cultural institution employ the same tactics – comparison, threats, praise, punishment and rewards, done primarily to maintain that institution’s place in the social order - often at the expense of the child’s true development.