Meet the Wizard

The long-view of history, with its precedents, change how we perceive, and therefore behave in the present. History is the very foundation of rational thought and science, providing verifiable feedback necessary for adaptation, progress, and evolution. Without a clear and factual view of history, we are blind.

Like the Wizard of Oz

A snake oil salesman from Kansas pretended to be an all-powerful and terrible Wizard, and, over time, everyone believed it was so. The CDC, FDA, WHO, Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and many others, including their enablers, politicians and the media, are not scientists, are not scientific organizations. They are pharmaceutical companies engaged specifically in manufacturing, promoting, and selling unproven, liability-free vaccines for enormous personal profit, often using known corrupt or fraudulent data, which is a crime. This pretense, a masquerade, has been sustained for over 150 years.

Who killed the frogs?

What if they are wrong?

“The pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” Louis Pasteur

Suddenly the frogs in the pond stop croaking and many die. All the frogs live together and have the same symptoms. An academic claims the cause is a new, unknown virus and gives the collection of symptoms a name; Frog-Cv-6. Skipping the step of isolating and purifying the virus to demonstrate conclusively that the mysterious virus does, indeed, cause the specific frog disease, research papers are written and billions are spent, over many years, creating a vaccine to save the frogs that never works. Later, it’s discovered that a factory has been secretly dumping DDT in the stream that feeds the pond. The academic, now wealthy, stop talking about the virus, leaving everyone convinced that it kills frogs.

Unconditionally Free

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It Is Not The Bug


Fear, Control and Extortion (For our own good, of course)

Threaten, using an oppressive misuse of the power, by creating an unjustified state of fear, designed to coarse, which means to trick, bully and/or force world governments and therefore humanity into paying billions, year after year, for untested, unproven, forced vaccinations, to accept, without choice, complete global surveillance via external and implanted technologies, in order to control the behavior and biology every person on the planet. One. Two. Three. Easy Peasy. Why extortion? We are being made an offer we can’t refuse, a lesson learned from the mafia.

Preface; This and the previous post, Nature is Dead, are the two most important references I have shared. Together they provide a new, and I believe accurate, conceptual context for the world-changing plan that is now unfolding.

If you missed or did not view the Singularity University Keynote, please do. It describes a technology-controlled future for humanity that is the basis for today’s social distancing and tomorrow forced vaccination and micro-chipping of every person on the planet. A conspiracy, yes. A theory, not at all. See for yourself.

Deepening our exploration of Silicon Valley’s investment in reshaping human biology we pull back the curtain on Bill Gates, considered to be the most generous man in the world who repeats: 'The world will not return to normal until every man, women, and child is vaccinated, biometric surveillance microchips are inserted in their bodies and monitored 24/7.'

To accomplish this Gates is experimenting, without informed consent, on humanity in ways that are ethically not very different from the German Nazi concentration camp experiments of Josef Mengele and his colleagues Clauberg and Schumann. Impossible? Find out.

Nature is Dead - Long Live Technocracy

I’ve been asking myself why I write. Joseph Chilton Pearce was passionate about technology diminishing innate human capacity. Entire capacities can be lost in a single generation due to a loss of modeling.
Technology is a counterfeit model.

I write as a form of personal journaling, to understand what is happening on such a universal and global level. And there is an implicit hope that by understanding deeply I can model for Carly (my almost six-year young daughter and her generation) what being human really looks like. The dominant cultural model is not that.

This deeply human quality is inspired by my 40+ years swimming in Krishnamurti’s, Joe’s, David Bohm’s passion and insights, along with many others, and of course, watching my children learn and grow, who each, in their own way, realize that what makes us unique is not the conditioning we identify with, rather, as Joe would say, transcendent spirit that reaches beyond. Technologies’ reaching beyond is of a fundamentally different order. It may look like transcendence but it is rearranging the furniture in new ways but remains in the same room. The transcendence Joe and Krishnamurti cherish leaves that room altogether and wanders in a different realm, state, identity, or reality they call insight. This transcendent Insight, which is not the known, which technology appears to offer but is a counterfeit, rests also at the center of Buddhist realization, the experience, not the dogma. And perhaps the Christian Mystical tradition; Meister Eckhart, St. John of the Cross, and others.

Embodying this transcendent spirit, spirit being that causal, explosive, ever-expanding movement and its relationships we call life, is of a different order than thought and conditioned knowledge, which is the only realm technology can ever touch. One must leave that realm or reality completely to discover for one’s self that there is something other. Most never leave that little room. Rather, they hang a video screen on the wall and believe they have. I want Carly (and her generation) to discover this other reality called transcendent insight and abide in that appropriate intelligence, not the counterfeit. That is why I write, to remind myself that I am in a house of mirrors. Only then is there a possibility of opening the door and discovering a different way of living.


Nature is Dead

Mass Hypnosis - Nature is Broken, Only Technology Can Save Us Now

Recall, April 13th, the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, M.D., explained that the Coronavirus Task Force has, effectively, dumped the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO predictive contagion model, and is now working with ‘real data.’ This event was epic and set into motion two opposing forces, along with the propaganda wars we now see daily. The Empire, Bill Gates/CDC/WHO and the long history corruption they embody, including Germ-Theory which provides the necessary foundation for Big Pharma vs. clean data, verifiable science, and fact, with Tony Fauci being the Empire’s hypnotist, or in Joseph Goebbels term, the Big Lier.

Early, Fauci advised Trump the data was correct. He publishing a paper in a prestigious medical journal stating that the event was no more than the seasonal flu. Then, in late March, Tony flipped, implicitly contradicting the administration’s stated position, with the Surgeon General’s statement above being the declaration of war.

As Fauci did when the nonexistent Swine Flu began to unravel, beating the fear drums harder and harder, he has no choice but to do the same today. This is indeed a war, a clash with the Empire’s Death Star in the crosshairs.

A PSYOP War to Control Humanity?

Oh, no, here he goes again…

As I continue to study the history of viruses and the people who profit from them, often, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and many others including Nobel laureates, with fraudulent, criminal intent, the more a different, well documented, picture comes in to focus. I happened to have been enlisted as a Radio Broadcast Specialists in the Psyop Division of the US Army Reserves for a short time.


Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals, to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to predefined objectives.

Psyops, or psychological operations, is a term used to describe the techniques of psychological manipulation used in warfare. These operations are used to deceive, confuse, disrupt and demoralize the enemy, with an aim toward weakening enemy resistance or even causing enemy forces to surrender and enemy populations to capitulate.

Modern psyops techniques include many of the same ideas that have been used since the formation of the modern psychological warfare program. With the advent of cyberspace, however, militaries around the world are preparing themselves to fight a new form of information warfare in the newest battlefront: the internet, (i.e., propaganda, censorship, and fake news).

It’s the Watermelon


a fever (such as malaria) marked by paroxysms, chills, fever, and sweating that recur at regular intervals.

The blackberries were ripe and in the hot afternoon, and Laura went with Ma to pick them… Mosquitoes were thick on the big, ripe berries slacking the sweet juice. They liked to bite Laura and Ma as much… One day Laura did not feel very well. She felt cold even in the sunshine and could not get warm by the fire…. “I don’t feel too well myself,” said Pa. “First I’m hot and then I’m cold…” Mrs. Scott, the fat woman, said that all the settlers, up and down the creek, had fever ‘n’ ague…. “All this sickness came from eating watermelons.” She said, “I’ve said it a hundred times… one of the settlers has planted watermelons in the creek bottom and every soul who had eaten one of those melons we down sick this very minute.” She said that she warned them, “but no, there was no arguing with them. They would eat those melons and now they are paying for it.”

Little House on the Prairie, circa 1870, first published 1935

In the future true science will say the same about the current story, science; not captured agencies, not politicians, not garbage-in-garbage-out modeling; not corporations positioned to profit $billions, not bureaucrats who are told they will have blood on their hands if they don’t believe and do what they are told.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Past is Prologue 1918 - 2020

I appreciate that the world is tired of this story. So am I. But this is The Greatest Show on Earth. What’s taking place, the personal, social, political, and economic implications are unprecedented. Who is producing this show? On whose authority? Whose agenda? The names you hear most often are CDC, WHO, FDA, Bill Gates, and Toni Fauci. Are they related? Please print the PDF for greater comprehension.