What Makes The Difference

What is it that makes my response to Carly Elizabeth different? Two things. First, I make sure that she knows that I see her for who she is, what is important to her this moment and what she is feeling, and second, I do my best to see that she does not feel wrong or blamed for what is happening.


Amazing and Chilling

While a simulation this holographic display projects the coming advances in image manipulation is both amazing and chilling.

A colleague writes: 'Snopes says it's not true, just an idea what they might be able to do in the future. This was trick photography.'
While discouraging on the Amazing side don’t toss out the Chilling observation with the splashing whale.

understanding reality

At The Crossroads

Walking with Carly to the park today, I realized that my anxiety had disappeared. The warm sun was bouncing off the freshly watered leaves after five years of drought in California. Emerald green grass rolled over the hills. My forehead, which usually is furled with cascading thoughts and imagined images was soft, still and expansive. I could almost hear Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World. A deep feeling of sanity returned. Later I mused:

My Sanity-Survival Handbook

intelligence of the heart

Nipping The Roots Of Violence

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails
And what are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And everything nice… Really?

sexual violence
gender equality



“Experience isn’t the best teacher. Experience is the only teacher, experiences to give names to.”
Bev Bos, one of the most respected early childhood educators of our time.

Optimum development
model imperative

Solsitce 2016

Winter Solstice

I return each winter when the moon is full
and the stars shine bright in the black sky.

I return to a quiet place that has been
in the heart and soul of humanity – forever
when the heavens stand still for just a moment
in this quiet place I’m sure we all feel.

The ever-present cycle of birth, growth and blossoming,
the wisdom of autumn and death of each heartbeat,
breath filing each cell, organ, limb, body, tree,
mountain, planet and galaxy dancing the dance
of transformation and renewal,
we are reminded of in this quiet place.


Santa is Real?

...and I can prove it...

We make such a fluff about Santa and his magic reindeer, the cookies and milk by the fireplace, year after year, buzzing with zealot excitement, only to say at age seven, nah – just kidding. Grow up, kid – there’s no Santa. And Mickey and Bugs, they aren’t real either. In doing so we become big fat liars and kids know it. If we lie about Santa, why would they believe anything we say - ever?


The Mind of J. Krishmnamurti

A new library in the Academy has been added featuring the insights of J. Krishnamurti. Why include insights from Krishnamurti in a resource for child and parent development? The simple answer is: “The better we know ourselves the more appropriate our model will be for children, who are, after all, the future of humanity.” What makes Touch the Future unique is its longstanding position that the entire spectrum of a child’s development is ‘model dependent’ and we are that model. Every act we call parenting is a form of adult development as we nurture and encourage optimum child development. The journey we call parenting is one of becoming a whole, mature wise adult with love, deep empathy and compassion leading the way. But what is the map or compass that leads our way?


Esteem members of the Electoral College

They could have prevented the holocaust, but did not.

Here is my personal lette to members of the Electorial College.

Send your letter by email: http://asktheelectors.org

Esteem member of the Electoral College,